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Replay sessions to identify and reproduce performance and usability issues

Monitoring your app’s stability and performance is crucial to ensure a smooth app experience, but if you want to truly understand the user experience your app delivers, nothing beats seeing through your users’ eyes.

Instabug’s Session Replay allows you to hit the rewind button and replay any user session, surfacing the user’s point of view alongside all the technical details and information you need to understand exactly what happened. This level of visibility enables you to quickly reproduce and debug stability and performance issues, negative app reviews, and usability issues while bringing your team closer to the voice of your customers.

Exploring App Sessions

Instabug’s Session Replay does not use a sampling approach; it automatically captures all your app’s sessions and visualizes them as a series of screenshots with all the events and interactions that occur on each screen.

To start exploring your app’s sessions, navigate to the Session Replay page from the side navigation bar on your dashboard. Here you can view a list of all app sessions, with an overview of their details as well as the type and number of issues that occurred.

You can filter your sessions by app version, date, user ID, and email to surface the sessions you are looking for. We’re also working on more filtering options that will be added soon, including device, OS, screens, and more to enable you to zero in on the sessions that matter.

Selecting a session from the list will take you to the session details page where you can see all the device and environment details, followed by a timeline of the session, annotated with all the events, interactions, and issues that occurred.

Instabug masks all text, images, and user input by default to ensure end-user privacy. You can also selectively include known safe content to be captured in the screenshots.

Playing the session will start the progression of the session’s screenshots and the events that occurred to represent exactly what happened during the session visually. User events, user steps, console logs, network logs, performance issues, and stability issues are displayed in a log format alongside the session’s screenshots.

Debug Stubborn Stability and Performance Issues

All mobile developers have encountered that elusive bug or crash that seems to vanish in their testing environment no matter how hard they try to reproduce it.

Session Replay eliminates this exercise in futility by enabling you to view the sessions affected by a specific issue and replay them to understand the exact sequence of events that led to it.

Replay Negative App Reviews

Combining Session Replay with Instabug’s App Ratings and Reviews gives you the power to identify the sessions associated with each of your app store reviews and replay them to understand the exact user experience behind negative and positive reviews.

To view sessions related to a specific app review, navigate to the App Ratings and Reviews page from the side navigation bar on your dashboard. From the review list, select ‘view sessions’ for the review you would like to investigate.

This takes you to the review details page where you can see a list of all the sessions related to the review. Selecting a session from the list will take you to the session details page where you can replay it and view all the events, actions, and issues that occurred.

Deliver Exceptional Performance

Instabug’s Session Replay clears the murky waters of mobile app issues, allowing you to see the exact user experience, stability, and performance delivered by every app session. When you combine it with App Ratings and Reviews and the rest of Instabug’s platform, you can unlock Instabug’s full potential and watch your app rise through the app store ranks.

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