Visualize App Performance with Instabug's Datadog Apdex Dashboard Widget

Unlock a new level of monitoring precision. Instabug proudly presents its integration with Datadog's Marketplace, introducing the Apdex dashboard widget

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Access Real-Time Apdex Scores for Proactive Monitoring

With real-time Apdex scores integrated into your Datadog dashboard, stay ahead of potential issues. Instabug's collaboration with Datadog enables you to monitor and assess application performance proactively.

Data Visualization for Improved Decision-Making

Make informed decisions with the power of Instabug's Datadog Apdex dashboard widget. Streamline your data visualization experience, allowing you to identify performance trends, potential bottlenecks quickly.

Efficient Monitoring Workflow

Experience an efficient monitoring workflow with Instabug's Datadog integration. The Apdex dashboard widget seamlessly integrates into your existing Datadog environment, offering a user-friendly interface that simplifies the monitoring process.

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