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“We use early builds of our app extensively to live with rough versions of new features and continually improve them along the way. Instabug has become a key part of that process, slashing the effort and time needed to log and triage issues.”
Vivek Karuturi Native Apps Engineering Lead
Vivek Karuturi
Native Apps Engineering Lead
“Because of Instabug, we are now 99.9% crash free on Android. And on iOS we dropped by a factor of five. And this was the first go around. The application became very stable and quite robust because it has Instabug to track and measure and manage crash data.”
Mohammad Hariri
Distinguished Member of Technical Services
“We wanted one place where the dev team could find the crash and bug reports, and the product team could find information on app quality. That was going to help us reach the best-quality app, I made a benchmark with my colleagues, and we all chose Instabug.”
Decathlon employee
Maxime Harter
Engineering Manager
“We have integrations with Instabug to manage our releases and automatically label them. Then we're able to go in very quickly and look at all the issues that were reported on that release version.”
DJ Tarazona
Director of Engineering
“I highly recommend Instabug to anyone on the product development journey. Listening to feedback from users, making sure you’re building an app that works and that is high quality, is critical and crucial to finding product-market fit. Instabug played a really big role in doing that for us… For mobile, it’s world-class.”
Alex Ma
CEO and Co-Founder
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“The stack trace is more precise than what we were using before, and the context of the crashes is better. [Instabug] has more information, and the more information you have, the quicker you can make a fix.”
Decathlon employee
Maxime Harter
Engineering Manager
"Instabug is an easy way to obtain the necessary information to solve customer issues quickly. Without it we would struggle to get the information we need from non-technical users, and would be unable to determine the correct root cause of the issue."
Verified User in Oil & Energy
“We believe in democratizing artificial intelligence. It needs to be something that everyone can use to its best capacity, and to their advantage.”
Chiragh Dewan
Product Manager
"Easy way to report an issue. Requires less than 10 seconds for customer plus for admins is easier to see all the data required to triage an issue reported."
Verified User in Telecommunications
"Instabug is quite simply the best in-app feedback and bug tracking tool available on the market. We would not be in business right now without Instabug"
"Amazing tool for App developers to enable users to logs defects"
“Using Instabug has streamlined how I manage app development. The detailed data provided is unlike any other tool on the market, crucial for fine-tuning our apps. Additionally, the direct in-app communication with users has significantly improved our support responses and strengthened our customer relationships.”
Kerry K.
Senior iOS Developer
"Bug reporting and in app chats are integral to having conversations with our customers and help drive forward the quality of the app."
Senior Android Developer
“Because of Instabug, we are now 99.9% crash free on Android. And on iOS we dropped by a factor of five from the first go-around.”
Mohammad Hariri
Distinguished Member of Technical Services
"Instabug does a phenomenal job at allowing product managers to sift through feedback in a phenomenally targeted way."
"Since adopting Instabug, we've increased our app rating to 4.5 stars and headed off potential catastrophes"
“We always felt that there was not enough information available, and engineering needed more information to debug the issue. We realized that Instabug could capture the data we needed to move forward.”
DJ Tarazona
Director of Engineering
“Instabug makes it easier for the tech teams to find the source of the problem thanks to the many details included in the reported tickets. By grouping tickets together, you can discover trends.”
Kim Van Wynendaele
Senior Consultant
"We were able to tighten the feedback loop with our testers by implementing in-app chat during our beta phase. This allowed us to address critical defects within hours instead of days - or weeks. "
"Tops the rest, by quite a bit. Other crash capturing SDKs are great, but Instabug combines this with an excellent interface for your app users to provide feedback, screenshots, videos etc. It's ideal"
Technical Lead
“There wasn’t another mobile-focused product out there that checked every single wishlist item like Instabug did.”
Vivek Karuturi Native Apps Engineering Lead
Vivek Karuturi
Native Apps Engineering Lead
"The big issue was getting feedback at all. Because Instabug is so easy, though, customers started to enjoy giving feedback on our language app more frequently whcih led to important changes that increased app use."
"The most important thing in Instabug is that I can see all the previous logs like Network request, UI Request and second thing is we can connect Instabug with Jira so we can easily manage the support tickets without any additional human resources."

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