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Looking for an Alternative to New Relic but Built for Mobile Apps?

While New Relic is built with Backend and DevOps teams in mind, Instabug is optimizing for Mobile Developers and Mobile Engineering Managers. With Instabug, detect all critical issues affecting your users, whether it is a crash, slow network call, slow transition, or UI hang.

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Why Mobile-First Companies Choose Instabug over New Relic


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Capturing Unhandled and Handled Crashes

NDK and iOS C++ Crash Detection

Customizable Integrations with Jira, Pager Duty, Slack, Opsgenie, Datadog and Github

React Native Support along with De-obfuscated Javascript Stacktraces

Automatically Upload dSYM, Mapping files, Source-maps and SO files with your CI/CD tools

OOM (Out of Memory) Crashes on iOS

ANR (Application Not Responding) Crashes on Android

Code Ownership & Team/Workflow Management

Release Stability Management and Tracking

Filtering on Feature Flags / Experiments (A/B tests)

Velocity Alerts and Crash Reactivation Detection

Instabug vs New Relic: A Deeper Dive

Balance Between Performance Improvements and New Features

Get ahead of your app performance issues. Whether it’s a crash, slow screen transition, slow network call or UI hangs. Don’t wait for your customers to complain.

Resolve Your Critical Issues Faster

Align your team around one quality metric to decide whether to build versus fix. With the help of an app apdex score, know exactly how many users are seeing a satisfying, tolerable, or frustrating experience.

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