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Report Bugs From Your Mobile App to Zendesk

Get all the contextual details your team needs. Convert issues and feedback into support tickets with just one click.

Forward Issues Directly to Zendesk

Don't interrupt your users' experience by having them quit your app to report bugs or send feedback over email. With Instabug, they'll be able to report problems and suggest improvements directly from your app and logged right to your support desk.

Allow Mobile Users to Report Bugs In-App

Instabug allows your mobile users and beta testers to report bugs and send feedback about your mobile app directly from their devices. Instabug captures a screenshot that users can draw on and grabs all device details, network logs, and user steps in the background.

Get More Context About Users and Issues

No more wondering what device a reporter is using or which app version they've downloaded. With each conversation, you'll receive contextual details, logs, and metadata to help you understand exactly what is the problem and how to win your users' hearts.

Have In-App User Conversations

You and your team will get user feedback, bug reports, and questions sent from your app right to Zendesk. We’ll make it easier for you to reply to your users without disrupting your team’s workflow.

Available on Github Market

Instabug is now available on GitHub's marketplace to help you build on and improve your workflow.

Available on Jira Marketplace

Experience two-way integration with Jira's add-on. Make changes within Jira and have them reflect on Instabug, so that your team could always be in sync.

Joe Minkiewicz

Director of Product Development

"We weren’t looking for a solution, but as soon as we saw Instabug, we were like, ‘Oh yeah! That’ll make our lives so much easier.’ So it was a problem we didn’t realize we had."

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