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Wondering If Firebase Is the Right Solution for Your Mobile Team?

Serious mobile teams choose focused crash reporting and performance monitoring solutions over Firebase. At Instabug your data is 100% secure, you're supported 24/7, and insights are actionable.

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Why Mobile-First Companies Choose Instabug over Firebase



Basic Crashes & Handled Errors

Network Performance Monitoring

App Launch Time Monitoring

UI Hang Detection

App Apdex Score

Crashes and Bugs Instrumentation: Repro Steps, Network Logs,Memory, and CPU Consumption

In-app Bug Reporting and Feedback

In-app App Rating

24/7 Support

Instabug vs Firebase: A Deeper Dive

Know Exactly Why Your Mobile  App is Crashing

Know exactly why your app is crashing and get complete stack trace

With each crash report, Instabug captures a detailed report of the running environment, the different threads’ states, the steps to reproduce the crash, and the network request logs. All the data is grabbed automatically with no need for breadcrumbs. Know if a performance issue relates to a specific app version, device, network connection, or any relevant factor.

We Take Data Privacy as Seriously as You Do

With Instabug, your data is 100% secure, accessed only by you, never shared, or, monetized. Instabug complies with advanced enterprise and security requirements.

We Take Data Privacy as Seriously as You Do

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