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Instabug and Grafana Deepen OpenTelemetry Collaboration

Instabug and Grafana collaboration

At Instabug, we understand the critical role mobile apps play in today's digital landscape. That's why we're thrilled to announce our close collaboration with the Grafana team on two exciting new integrations designed to empower central observability teams and mobile developers. Both of these integrations are rooted in each company’s ongoing support for OpenTelemetry standards.

Visualizing App Health in Grafana

Our first integration takes the form of a Grafana plugin. This plugin empowers central observability teams and mobile developers to gain a holistic view of their app's health directly within Grafana. This eliminates the need to switch between platforms, streamlining troubleshooting and decision-making.

Seamless Issue Handover to Backend Teams

The second integration fosters seamless collaboration between mobile and backend teams, allowing mobile developers to quickly hand off issues suspected to originate from the backend. This is achieved through deep linking to provide backend teams with direct access to the relevant information within Grafana Cloud.

OpenTelemetry: A Shared Observability Vision

Both integrations firmly recognize OpenTelemetry and mobile observability as cornerstones of enterprise observability. OpenTelemetry fosters end-to-end visibility into user journeys, ensuring a clear understanding of how digital transactions impact your business.

While OpenTelemetry's mobile observability support is still under development, Instabug remains committed to adopting its most mature components. This ensures compatibility across the entire enterprise observability landscape.

Leveraging OpenTelemetry for End-to-End Tracing

We've already harnessed OpenTelemetry's standardized API headers to enable end-to-end tracing from mobile devices through various backend services. This provides invaluable insights into the flow of user interactions.

Looking ahead, we plan to leverage OpenTelemetry's standardized metrics formats. This will include the ability to export metrics, events, and logs following the OpenTelemetry standard.

By working closely with Grafana and embracing OpenTelemetry, Instabug is committed to delivering the most comprehensive and efficient mobile-centric observability solution available.

Stay tuned for further updates on these exciting integrations!

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