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Effortlessly monitor and manage your app’s release health

Successful mobile teams must maintain a rapid and regular release cadence to continuously improve their app’s user experience and keep their users happy. At Instabug, we understand that your release cycle is the heartbeat of your app’s development, and we’re committed to making release management an efficient and painless process.

Instabug’s Rollout Management gives you control over your app store releases from your Instabug dashboard, allowing you to connect your version rollouts with their stability and performance information without juggling multiple tools.

Integrate With Your App Stores

To start using Rollout Management, navigate to the settings page on your dashboard and select app store from the list. On the app store settings page, select ‘connect now’ to start the integration process and follow the steps provided.

Once the integration process is complete, Instabug will automatically detect your version rollouts and display all their details on the releases and release details pages. 

Monitor and Manage Your Release Health

On your releases page, versions that have an ongoing rollout in progress will be marked by a progress bar indicating the status of the release.

On the release details page, we’ve added a widget containing all the details related to the version’s rollout so you can view them alongside its stability and performance metrics.

If a new release faces stability and performance issues, you can quickly take action and pause its rollout without the need to switch to a different tool. On the other hand, you can decide to accelerate the rollout process for versions that don’t report any issues.

Get Real-Time Alerts and Automate Your Rollout

Staying on top of staying on top of stability and performance issues is essential to minimize their impact and stop them in their tracks. Additionally, automating your rollout process helps you eliminate overhead and human error, while also improving your response speeds when issues arise. That’s why we’ve built automation capabilities to help you streamline you release process.

Instabug enables you to set alerts when an app version falls below specific performance thresholds. You can also set alerts to get notified when your rollout’s status changes and receive a daily summary of the status and performance of your version rollouts.

Google Play Console’s staged releases need to be manually updated every day to increase the percentage of users receiving the new version. With Rollout Management automation, you can create a customized rollout schedule, and Instabug will automatically update your rollout percentage.

Additionally, you can create rules to automatically pause a rollout if the release falls below specified stability and performance thresholds. This makes sure that any issues affecting your rollouts will instantly be identified and stopped in their tracks.

Release With Confidence

Instabug’s Rollout management simplifies and automates your release management process, enabling you to maintain stress-free releases. With real-time feedback on the stability, performance, and store ratings and reviews of your app versions alongside visibility and control over their rollout process, it provides a centralized place for your release management.

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