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Proactively gather user feedback to keep a finger on the pulse of your users and understand their experience

Successful mobile teams understand that maintaining an effective feedback loop is the lifeblood of the mobile app development process. No matter how sophisticated your app monitoring and analytics are, you should combine them with direct user feedback to contextualize that data.

Instabug’s In-App Surveys enables you to quickly deploy targeted surveys to your users without any extra effort from engineering. Additionally, you can view a detailed analysis of survey responses and dig deeper by replaying the user sessions behind each response to help you understand their experience and make that feedback actionable.

Create an In-App Survey

To create your first survey, navigate to the In-App Surveys page from the side navigation bar and select the type of survey you would like to launch.

Net promoter score (NPS) and app rating surveys allow you to quickly understand overall user satisfaction and prompt happy users to rate your app on the app store. For more nuanced feedback, custom surveys allow you to tailor the survey questions to your goal.

Build your survey content

After choosing the survey type, you’ll next customize its content and call to action depending on the user’s response.

NPS survey

Net Promoter Score surveys contain the standard NPS question (How likely are you to recommend this app?), an optional second question to ask for more detailed feedback, and three customizable thank-you messages for promoters, passives, and detractors.

You can also add a request in the thank-you message for promoters and passives to rate your app to increase your app store ratings.

Finally, you can choose to make your NPS surveys non-dismissible to force a response from your users. This option can be useful for boosting survey response rates but should be used sparingly to avoid frustrating your users.

App rating survey

App rating surveys enable you to gather app store ratings from your satisfied users by either directing them to the app store or through a native in-app prompt.

If you choose to direct your users to the app store, you can customize the content of the second question, while choosing the native in-app prompt will display Apple or Google’s standard app rating question.

Custom survey

To gather more detailed feedback, custom surveys enable you to tailor the number and content of the survey’s questions to your needs. You can also customize the type of answers for each question between a star scale, single-select multiple choice, or free text.

Whether you want to validate your roadmap with input from your users, understand how happy users are with a specific feature, or measure customer satisfaction with a CSAT survey, you can adapt custom surveys to answer your questions.

Custom surveys can also be set to be non-dismissible, but again, make sure to use this option sparingly, especially for surveys longer than a few questions.

Select your target users

Now that you’ve finalized the survey’s content, it’s time to specify who will receive the survey, when they will receive it, and how often. This enables you to gather targeted feedback from specific segments of your users and ensure they receive the survey at the right time in the user journey.

Auto targeting

This approach allows you to target your survey by country, app version, OS version, session count, last seen time, or any custom user attributes you have in your app. By default, the survey will be shown to your selected target 10 seconds after the start of their next session, but you can also choose to display the survey after a custom user event like making an in-app purchase or abandoning their shopping cart.

Finally, you can select whether you want to show the survey only once or repeat it after a specified period of time.

Email targeting

Alternatively, you can send the survey to specific users of your app by uploading a CSV file of up to 100 thousand emails. You can still customize when the survey will be displayed by custom user events in your app and the frequency of the survey.

Manual targeting

For maximum control over the survey’s sample, manual targeting generates a survey token that you can use to programmatically display the survey to the right users at the right time.

View In-App Survey Results

To view the results of your published surveys, navigate to the In-App Surveys where you can see a list of your survey campaigns along with their status and a high-level overview of their performance.

Overview and response breakdown

Selecting a campaign from the list will take you to the survey results page where you can see more details about your campaign, including the response rate and a breakdown of the answers you received.

Additionally, the results page includes a list of each individual survey response and gives you the opportunity to replay all the app sessions associated with a specific response or user so you can put their feedback into the context of their user experience.

Finally, you can also reply to user responses to ask for further details or close the feedback loop and let them know their voice was heard.

Replay the app sessions behind every response

Truly understanding your users requires you to combine their direct feedback with their experience and their actions. Instabug enables you to combine quantitative and qualitative data by giving you the power to replay their app sessions along with all the data you need to understand their experience.

Selecting view sessions will take you to the Session Replay page with the respondent’s user ID applied as a filter. This enables you to view a list of the user’s app sessions to help you understand the user experience behind their feedback.

Alternatively, selecting view response session will take you directly to the replay of the user session the response was sent from, shedding light on the state of the user and their experience when they answered the survey.

Stay in Touch With Your Users

Instabug’s In-App Surveys helps you connect with the voice of your users and effortlessly gather actionable feedback to help you increase your app rating, inform your roadmap, and deliver an exceptional mobile experience.

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