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Maintain a user-centric development process, track your app’s ratings and reviews, and debug negative experiences

App store ratings and reviews are an integral part of any mobile app’s success, but reviews offer very little information to make the feedback actionable. They tell you that a serious issue exists and leave you stumbling in the dark trying to figure out what went wrong.

Instabug’s App Ratings and Reviews bridges the gap between engineering, product, and support teams, allowing them to stay close to your customer’s voice, foster empathy with them, and —for the first time ever— turn app store reviews into actionable feedback.

Now you can finally stop negative store ratings and reviews in their tracks and deliver an app experience that earns five-star reviews.

Select Bundle ID or Package Name

To start using App Ratings and Reviews, navigate to the App Reviews page on your dashboard from the side navbar and select your app’s bundle ID or package name. Instabug will then automatically fetch your existing app store reviews and detect new reviews your app receives.

Monitor and Understand Your Users’ Feedback

Once you’ve connected Instabug to your app stores, you can view a list of all of your reviews and filter them by app version, rating, date, and country to easily surface the most important feedback.

We’ve also added a widget to your releases and release details pages to help you track the ratings and reviews for each version of your app. This allows you to quickly detect issues with your latest release and stop them in their tracks, or notify users when the issues they’re facing are fixed in a later version.

In cases where a new app version receives negative ratings or reviews during the rollout process, you can use the Rollout Management widget on the release details page to immediately pause its release before it reaches the rest of your users.

The widget on the release details page also gives you the option to use AI to analyze your app’s reviews and generate a summary of what your users love and hate about your app, as well as the percentage of positive, negative, and neutral feedback.

Moreover, we've also added a widget on the app overview page to help you keep track of your app's ratings and reviews and how they are trending over time.

Replay Sessions That Lead to Negative Reviews

Tracking your app’s ratings and reviews is only the first step. Combining Ratings and Reviews with Instabug’s Session Replay allows you to view a list of the sessions related to a specific review and replay them to understand the experience that led to that review.

Session Replay visualizes the entire user session as a series of screens and provides comprehensive events, actions, logs, and environment details making it easy to find and fix issues that lead to a negative app experience.

Deliver a Five-Star Mobile Experience

Instabug’s App Ratings and Reviews empowers mobile teams to stay close to their customers’ voices and maintain a user-centric culture. When combined with Session Replay and the rest of Instabug’s platform, it enables you to demystify the events that lead to negative reviews and quickly take action to achieve a five-star app rating.

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