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Fall 2023 Product Updates: Extending the Made-for-Mobile Platform

Instabug is dedicated to empowering mobile teams to deliver exceptional mobile experiences through our made-for-mobile platform. Our mission is to equip mobile teams —from engineering to product— with comprehensive information and tools that streamline app testing, performance monitoring, and gathering actionable user feedback, all in one convenient platform.

This season’s update is one of our biggest yet, with three new and exciting products that will help mobile teams take their app to the next level, as well as a host of features that simplify issue triage and debugging and give you unparalleled visibility over your app’s performance.

This Fall, we’re announcing App Ratings and Reviews, Session Replay, Rollout Management, SmartResolve, and much more!

Deliver a 5-Star Experience With App Ratings and Reviews

Turn app store reviews into actionable feedback

Mobile teams understand the critical role of user reviews in the success of their mobile application. 79% of mobile users check app ratings and reviews before downloading a new app, while 71% say that an app rating above four stars positively impacts their view of the brand.

We built Instabug’s App Ratings and Reviews to help mobile teams consolidate all the metrics that matter to their app in one place, bridging the gap between product, engineering, and support. Surfacing ratings and reviews alongside stability and performance metrics helps engineering teams understand the impact of performance on the user experience and stay close to the user's voice, building empathy with them.

Now, you can track the ratings and reviews your app versions receive, quickly take action to mitigate the impact of issues to maintain your release health, and effectively debug negative experiences.

Reproduce app reviews with ease

Understanding the exact sequence of events that led to a particular review has always been a struggle for mobile teams. Besides indicating that there is a problem, app reviews lack actionable details and information, making it difficult to understand the underlying issues that occurred.

Combining App Ratings and Reviews with Instabug’s Session Replay enables you to view the sessions associated with store reviews, understand the exact user experience they delivered, and easily debug the issues that impacted them.

Explore App Ratings and Reviews in the sandbox or learn more in our docs for iOS and Android.

Stress-Free Releases With Instabug Rollout Management

Simplify release management: consolidate, monitor, and automate

Efficient release management is crucial for any successful mobile team, but the fragmentation of release information between tools adds an additional challenge to analyzing the data and taking quick, data-driven action.

Instabug’s Rollout Management tackles this challenge by seamlessly integrating with app stores, enabling you to monitor and manage version rollouts directly from your Instabug dashboard to ensure high-performance, controlled, and data-driven app version updates.

Rollout automation is also coming soon to Instabug to allow you to schedule your staged rollouts, get notified of progress and status changes, and automatically pause your releases when a new version falls below specified stability and performance thresholds.

Now you no longer have to juggle multiple dashboards and tools to understand the health of your new version releases. Say goodbye to manual, time-consuming release management processes and release with confidence, using a streamlined, data-driven, and efficient approach.

Explore Rollout Management in the sandbox or learn more in our docs for iOS and Android.

Hit Rewind With Session Replay

See your app through the eyes of your users

Every developer has encountered that annoying bug that seems to vanish when they test it locally; examining stack traces, and piecing together support tickets just to confirm its existence.

Instabug already captures exception data and provides context to assist mobile teams in troubleshooting issues, including environment details, stack traces, logs, and lines of broken code. However, there are still certain problems that prove difficult to comprehend and reproduce.

This is where Instabug’s Session Replay steps in to provide you with a visual replay of your app’s user sessions, showing you exactly what your users experience and the events leading up to stability and performance issues.

Troubleshooting issues

Visualizing the user journey with Session Replay allows you to gain a deeper understanding of how your code is executed in the UI and how stability and performance issues affect the user experience.

All captured session replays are enhanced with comprehensive debugging data, like environment details, user interactions, network data, console logs, and more. This comprehensive toolkit equips you with everything you need to troubleshoot even the most frustrating bugs and performance issues.

All user sessions count

Random sampling is the most common approach taken by session replay tools. While this approach is suitable for evaluating user behavior, it falls short when your primary focus is debugging stability, performance, and usability issues.

Instabug's Session Replay captures all your app’s sessions along with all user actions, events, and comprehensive debugging information. Session Replay’s filtering features enable you to view sessions based on stability and performance conditions. This allows you to zero in on high-impact issues, spend less time waiting for the data you need, and eliminate the stress of fruitlessly trying to reproduce issues.

Privacy by default

At Instabug, privacy is at the heart of every product and feature we develop. Session Replay prioritizes user privacy by default, masking all sensitive information, such as text, images, and user input, before it leaves the device. However, we also understand that not all information is sensitive and provide several levels of auto-masking to fit your app's needs, while allowing granular customization of the masking level.

Understand the impact of mobile issues on the user experience

Instabug's tags, categories, alerts and rules, and code ownership already streamline issue triage, but, as their codebase and team grow, mobile teams need a quick and effective way to evaluate their impact and prioritize accordingly.

Watching replays of the sessions associated with stability and performance issues enables you to quickly and accurately determine their impact on your users. This helps you prioritize the resolution process and allocate resources more efficiently.

Furthermore, Session Replay goes beyond technical performance and enables your team to identify easy-to-miss usability issues affecting your app's UI/UX in order to deliver a delightful mobile experience.

Learn more in our docs for iOS and Android.

More Features to Detect, Debug, and Fix Stability and Performance Issues


Instabug’s Crash Reporting captures a wealth of information and helps you spot patterns to identify the root cause. SmartResolve brings the power of generative AI to your Instabug dashboard, harnessing it to analyze the stack trace, thread states, and environment details of your crash reports and suggest the most likely root cause and the potential fixes you can apply.

To start using SmartResolve, simply navigate to one of your crash details pages, scroll to the stack trace section, and select ‘create suggestions’

Explore SmartResolve in the sandbox.

Capture database queries on iOS

Database queries are a common culprit behind slow loading times but are often a blind spot for mobile teams. Instabug now captures the performance of your app’s database queries in the app spans section on your dashboard to help you ensure exceptional performance.

Learn more in our docs for iOS and Android.

Network latency breakdown

Instabug already captures the request and response times of your app’s network calls, but that is not always enough to understand the issue. Now Instabug further breaks down your network call request and response times into their stages to help you quickly identify the issue’s root cause.

Learn more in our docs for iOS and Android.

Android Jetpack Compose support

Google’s Jetpack Compose brought declarative UI development to Android allowing mobile teams to build beautiful, high-performance UIs with less code and fewer bugs. Now, Instabug helps you track the stability and performance of your Composables in the app spans section on your dashboard to help you maintain a fluid UI.

Learn more in our docs.

Upgraded Security and Access Management

Privacy and security are at the core of Instabug’s platform, offering enterprise-grade security and access management features. This season brings upgraded security features to make sure your data is always protected, while seamlessly granting the right access privileges to the right team members.

SCIM support

The System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) enables seamless provisioning to make sure your team receives the right access privileges with precision and speed. Instabug now supports SCIM for SAML so you can easily grant and revoke access privileges, making on-boarding and off-boarding a hassle-free experience.

Learn more about SCIM in our help center.

New dashboard roles

Controlling access to Instabug and the privileges your team has can be a challenge when a variety of different roles use the dashboard for different goals. To give you greater control over your team’s access privileges, we’re introducing new dashboard roles.

Viewer role

The viewer role grants the user access to the Instabug dashboard, allowing them to view the data without being able to take any action on the dashboard.

Custom roles

For large teams, predefined roles might not always be enough. Now, enterprise customers can create tailored roles with custom privileges to match their organizational structure.

To create custom roles for your app, please reach out to our support team.

Audit Logs

Trust is built on transparency. Instabug's Audit Logs provide an unobstructed view of all actions within your account, fostering accountability and enabling swift issue resolution.

Learn more about audit logs in our help center.

Compromised Password Detection

Passwords are your first line of defense against attackers. Instabug now goes the extra mile, automatically alerting users when the password they’re using is leaked on the web.

Extra Authentication Layer for Webhooks

We’ve added an optional secret token to our Webhooks integration to ensure the security of Webhook interactions and safeguard your data exchanges.

Learn more about Webhooks secret token in our docs.

PAT Tokens for Jira Servers: 

Now you can securely connect your Jira servers using Personal Access Tokens (PAT), enabling quick integration without compromising security.

Learn more about Jira PAT tokens in our docs.

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