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Organizing Mobile App User Feedback with Instabug

Instabug speeds up your development process by enabling users to file context-rich bug reports in seconds with the shake of a phone. But did you know Instabug can also streamline your mobile app user feedback process? Whether you’re a developer, product manager, or customer support specialist, you’ll find ways to accelerate your workflow by using labels and integrating your favorite third-party tools. Instabug helps you with organizing mobile app user feedback and eliminating extra steps from your workflow.

In this blog, we’ll go over all the different ways you can organize your feedback, automate replies and set up forwarding to third-party platforms like Zendesk, Slack, Trello, and more.


  • Organize Instabug
  • Report categories
  • Tags, attributes and labels
  • Saved replies
  • Rules and reply automation
  • Organize third-party tools
  • Developer integrations
  • Helpdesks and support

Organizing mobile app user feedback in Instabug

What’s a day at work like when Instabug is part of your workflow?

“Our clients just shake their phones and reports go straight to Jira. We know when they report things immediately and we can get in contact if needed. We forward everything to Jira where we review issues and delete duplicate ones. Then we gather everything up, put them in a sprint, and begin working.” –Breann Johnson, Lead Product Owner at CitrusBits

Instabug is stacked with all the tools, features, and integrations you need to shorten your workflow and maximize your time. Let’s go over how you can set up your Instabug preferences for simplicity and speed, step by step.

Report categories

When your users invoke Instabug, they’ll see your main menu. By default, there are three menu items: Report a Bug, Suggest an Improvement, and Ask a Question. You don’t want to spend your time manually sorting reports, so Instabug allows you to set custom report categories for your users to choose from. Your bug reports now be tagged and filtered according to their categories. Not only can you set up categories without any code changes, but you can set up automatic replies and forward issues to third-party tools automatically using Rules (outlined in the Rules section below).

Tags, attributes, and labels

Want to filter your data further? No problem. You can create custom tags for user attributes and specific in-app events. For example, you might find it convenient to label users from a certain age group or separate paying users from non-paying users. As for events, these could include completing a task, making a purchase, or using a feature.

This is where additional user attributes appear in your bug reports.

Assigning attribute tags to your user profiles is simple and will require just a minute of your time. In our docs, you’ll find detailed guides to setting attributes on iOS and Android (as well as cross-platform links). Once set, tags will appear in user profiles, so you’ll see important details at a glance.

Instabug lets you add custom event tags to your bug and crash reports. The process for setting this up is similar to setting user attributes. Here are the guidelines for iOS and Android. You can use custom events for survey targeting and Rule creation.

Saved replies

The fastest way to respond to repetitive comments or questions is with a saved reply. Instabug allows you to write and save replies so they’re easily accessible whenever you need them.

To create or edit a saved reply, click on your name on the bottom-left corner of the dashboard. Then, you can choose your company and you’ll find your saved replies page in the Settings menu.

Rules and reply automation

Do you have specific replies for specific situations? Do you want to make sure each user gets a timely response? The easiest way to send quick responses is to automate them using Rules instead of manually replying. Even if you prefer to manually respond to every message yourself, using Rules to automate responses will buy you a little time to do your research and write a proper response.

Organizing Mobile App User Feedback

Because they’re highly customizable, rules are widely applicable to a variety of situations. Access your Rules page by clicking on the lower-left corner of your dashboard, and you’ll find Rules in your Settings menu. You can personalize your rules using custom or pre-set events, attributes, and more. Customizing your rules is the quickest way to have instantly organized feedback.

Organizing mobile app user feedback by syncing with third-party tools

Instabug's internal organizational features aren't its only time-saving features. Over 75% of Instabug users leverage integrations to keep their teams organized and efficient. There are customer support-oriented solutions as well as developer tools. Here’s what you can do with them.

Integrations and forwarding

Integrations help your team get in sync, so they can relay the most important information across channels and members more quickly and smoothly. You can use Rules to automate forwarding and make sure the right messages end up in the right inboxes.

Instabug works with the top tools for bug tracking, project management, customer support, and more, so you can keep your workflow simple and streamlined. Your integrations can be configured to automatically forward issues to the right people.

Developer integrations

Developers love Instabug because it allows their users, beta or live, to send them detail-rich bug reports just by shaking their phones. Let’s face it, your users aren’t going to log all those logs themselves. Instabug makes it easy for you to get the details without doing any detective work.

Integrations allow developers to save even more time with Instabug. Just as your users don’t enjoy logging all their details themselves (and with Instabug, they don’t have to!), you can set up Instabug so you don’t have to manually log bugs in your project management software or other developer tools. Using rules, you can get bug reports automatically forwarded to Jira, Asana, GitHub and more.

Organizing Mobile App User Feedback

Speed up your workflow and ramp up your efficiency with these developer integrations for bug reporting and issue forwarding:


Get bug reports forwarded straight to your Jira project by creating Rules in your Instabug dashboard.

Organizing Mobile App User Feedback


Get bug reports sent straight to GitHub by the Instabug bot.

O“The most important thing is that thanks to the [GitHub] integration, the distance between the users and our developers has shortened and there is a clear link between reporting a bug and someone working on a fix for it. It hugely benefits both sides – users have a simple and easy way to communicate their issues and our developers can get all the details they need to be able to fix them.” –Ondrej Sebelik, Cloud and Mobile Development Lead, O2 Smart Box


Get bug reports and feedback sent directly to your team's Slack workspace. Make customizations to the types of reports you receive by setting Rules from your Instabug dashboard.


Instead of manually logging tasks, just have them forwarded straight to Asana.

Organizing Mobile App User Feedback


Convert bugs, feedback, and crashes into stories in Pivotal with just one click.


Get your bug reports converted into Trello cards when you integrate with Instabug.

Current [the blockchain multimedia app] needs to maintain a fast-paced development cycle and a high-quality app that reaches media-savvy users. Instabug+Trello is the perfect combination for the Current team, allowing them to organize their product roadmap, streamline workflows, and receive bug reports and feedback in one centralized workspace. Instabug + Trello has cut Current’s development time in half as they now focus on fixing bugs, not reporting and sorting them on Trello.”


Get all the contextual details your team needs, sent right to Basecamp.

Organizing Mobile App User Feedback


Instead of manually logging tasks with Webhooks, just integrate with Instabug and they'll be forwarded right to you.


Receive bug reports as stories when you integrate Instabug with Clubhouse.


Get the bugs and the details converted into issues in GitLab as soon as they're reported.

Organizing Mobile App User Feedback


Find issues in your FrontApp dashboard as soon as your users report them with Instabug.


Automatically receive cases in Manuscript, packed with all the details you need, with no effort from your users.

Teamwork Projects

Don't log your tasks in Teamwork manually when you can just have them forwarded automatically from Instabug.

Helpdesks and support

Using helpdesk integrations, you can specify which types of reports end up straight in your support inbox, so your customer service team can get in touch with your users and help them as soon as possible. Instead of asking your users for pertinent information like device, OS, location, or other details, they'll have all that information automatically—as long as it came from Instabug. They'll also be able to share issues with developers while including all the necessary information to get the problem solved as soon as possible.

You'll be able to send responses to your users straight from your helpdesk dashboard or get in touch using Instabug's in-app chats.

“Instabug is really valuable for support as it allows end users to immediately and simply send reports and feedback and it provides us with contextual information that the users could never provide.” –Timothy Dyck, Development Team Lead at DIS Corp


Get issues sent straight to Zendesk, with all the relevant details included. You can reply to the user straight from Zendesk or Instabug, and sync replies across the board, so everyone is kept in the loop.

Organizing Mobile App User Feedback


In addition to bug reports for developers, you can also set rules to have customer support requests forwarded straight to your FrontApp dashboard.


When you integrate Instabug and Freshdesk, issues and feedback can be converted into support tickets with just one click.

Organizing Mobile App User Feedback

Don't see your favorite integration listed?

Are you using a program that's not on this list? Don’t worry. That doesn’t mean you can’t use it with Instabug. When you integrate Instabug with Zapier, you can have Zapier forward it to your platform of choice and get all the info you need, wherever you need it. Just set up a Rule for Zapier forwarding from your Instabug dashboard, and you're good to go.

Organizing Mobile App User Feedback

Now you know all about organizing mobile app user feedback with Instabug, automating replies and setting up forwarding to third-party platforms like Zendesk, Slack, and Trello. How much time will you save this year?

Instabug empowers mobile teams to accelerate their workflows and release with confidence through Real-Time Contextual Insights across the entire app lifecycle.

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