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CitrusBits & DIS Corp Use Jira & Instabug to Build Better Software

Since Instabug's launch in 2012, we’ve been helping thousands of apps squash bugs and build better apps. Coupled with Jira, our users have been able to streamline their development and bug tracking process from one place, which has resulted in a more efficient workflow and a much faster development cycle. It has become common, if not the standard, for most technical teams to rely on Jira for project management to build better software.

Integrating Instabug with Jira enables teams to receive bug reports right inside their Jira projects and assign different issues to the right team members without disrupting their existing workflow. In addition, any changes made in Jira are instantly reflected on Instabug's dashboard as well.

Out of our mission to help developers ship better apps and accelerate their bug tracking and mobile development workflow, we've interviewed CitrusBits and DIS Corp to see how they benefit from Instabug + Jira and to show you how you can do the same.

HQ Location: Los Angeles, United States
Industry: Software House

CitrusBits leads the field in user-focused design and mobile app development. With clients like Burger King, Quiksilver, Johns Hopkins University, National Geographic, and more, CitrusBits uses Instabug + Jira to create mobile applications loved by users. We had the chance to speak with Breann Johnson, Lead Product Owner, about how the top-rated agency builds world-class apps.

"We have multiple projects always going on with as many as 10 projects at any given time in various stages of development. Some projects are just starting, others are live, and a portion are warranty and support as well," Breann said.

With so many concurrent projects, a range of clients, and product, development, and QA team members in different locations around the globe, CitrusBits needed a solution to collect feedback, get data, and streamline communication among stakeholders.

CitrusBits has offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Pakistan

A big problem Instabug solved was our communication with clients. Before Instabug, we'd get a lot of feedback but it was just a big list of unorganized and random screenshots. It was a hassle trying to figure out what the problems were and get relevant information like device and OS.
-Breann Johnson, Lead Product Owner

CitrusBits has produced over 300 mobile apps

"Now, Instabug is crucial. When we start a project, we deliver an initial build to our clients and onboard them right away to show them how to use Instabug and explain that this is the best way to communicate," Breann explained.

CitrusBits uses Instabug's automated rules to automatically forward bug reports to Jira.

"Our clients just shake their phones and reports go straight to Jira. We know when they report things immediately and we can get in contact if needed. We forward everything to Jira where we review issues and delete duplicate ones. Then we gather everything up, put them in a sprint, and begin working."

Instabug's integration with Jira has been awesome. This set up has really worked out best for us and it makes the client really happy to feel involved as well.
-Breann Johnson, Lead Product Owner

HQ Location: Bellingham, Washington
Industry: Business System Software

With more than 2,400 locations served, DIS Corp is a leading provider of business system software to agricultural, construction, and material handling dealers and distributors in North America. We had the chance to speak with their Development Team Lead, Timothy Dyck, about how DIS Corp utilizes Instabug + Jira to organize their development cycle and streamline the bug tracking process.

jira instabug
DIS Corp's office

The development process starts when the team receive customer requests, which are then later ranked, assigned, and implemented if chosen. For each cycle release, internal testing occurs where the team sends a beta version to a pilot group of their customers to test for a week or two to detect any issues. In addition to the normal cycles, bug fixes take place one to two times per month as part of their development process in Jira, where iterations are then pushed to production.

Before Instabug, the feedback collection process took place over the phone. The team called every technician in their pilot group and logged issues manually in Jira, which was time-consuming and inefficient.

Since the team relied heavily on Jira for project management and bug tracking, they needed a tool that could automatically capture data that was otherwise lost or had to be discovered. Critical information like the environment snapshot, network logs, user steps, and screenshots was needed, and this is where Instabug became invaluable.

The DIS Corp B2B app

We recommend using a tool like Instabug from the get-go to save time wasted on trying to decipher customers' issues and their feedback.
-Timothy Dyck, DIS Corp Development Team Lead

What's critical about the Jira + Instabug integration is the ability to see how the app is being used and seeing testers' and customers' feedback sent over to Jira where most of the work takes place.

Instabug is really valuable for support as it allows end users to immediately and simply send reports and feedback and it provides us with contextual information that the users could never provide.
-Timothy Dyck, DIS Corp Development Team Lead

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