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12 Essential Tools for the Flutter Mobile App Developer

Google's Flutter framework for cross-platform app development is quickly becoming a favorite among mobile cross-platform developers, and with good reason. Although Flutter is maturing at a quick pace thanks to Google's strong support, it still does not enjoy very many third-party developer tools. However, there are still a number of really good Flutter developer tools that aren't Firebase and in this post, we will take a look ar some of the top tools available at the moment.

12 Essential Flutter Developer Tools


Flutter materia theme editor

Panache is an open-source, browser-based material theme editor for Flutter that allows you to create beautiful and highly customizable themes for your Flutter app. With this Flutter development tool, you can customize the colors of your components and widgets, and export your theme as a `theme.dart` file.


Supernova is a powerful design-to-code tool that converts your Sketch and Adobe XD mobile designs into native front-end code for iOS, Android, React Native, and of course, Flutter. When you import your app design, Supernova also handles asset creation and deduplication and allows you to edit the design and view the code changes in real-time. Supernova is currently only available as a Mac app but is soon coming to the cloud.


Codemagic is the first Flutter focused CI/CD tool created by Nevercode. It can easily recognize your Flutter app and integrates with all your favorite tools to automate your whole build, test, release pipeline. Codemagic is also quite affordable at 500 free mac mini build minutes a month and a pay-as-you-go plan for extra minutes.


Sylph is an open-source command-line tool created by Maurice McCabe that is essentially a wrapper around the AWS device farm. With Sylph, you can run Flutter integration and end-to-end tests on hundreds of real iOS and Android devices at a time in the AWS device farm.


Amplitude is a well-known in-app analytics tool that helps you understand how your users are interacting with your app. It is now a popular Flutter developer tool that helps you track and monitor a wide range of data and integrates with all the popular mobile app development to allow you to take action based on your data. is an open-source analytics tool with a focus on the security and privacy of your data. The free version of allows you to track the basic metrics and KPIs that show how your app is performing, but they also offer a paid version with a more extensive set of metrics as well as other features. The paid version of can be hosted on-premise or in the cloud and offers extra feature flags, A/B testing, and push notification features.


AppsFlyer is a mobile attribution tool that helps you understand where your users are coming from and attribute app installs to specific marketing campaigns. It helps you understand how your marketing channels and campaigns are performing across devices and apps in one dashboard and integrates with more than 6000 media partners.


Instabug is a platform for real-time contextual insights for mobile apps that can be used for in-app bug reporting, crash reporting, surveys, and feature requests. By integrating Instabug's Flutter SDK in your app, you can allow your users to report bugs they encounter without leaving the app. Instabug grabs a screenshot that can be annotated and blurred by your users and captures comprehensive logs and device details to help you find and fix issues faster. Crash reports are also sent with all the logs and device details you need to find the exact issue. You can also send targeted surveys to your users to gain a better understanding of the whys behind your user actions and let users request features and vote on them.


Airship is a customer engagement platform that allows you to send push notifications and in-app messages to your users to engage them and improve their conversion. It also allows you to create an in-app message center that creates an in-app inbox where you can send persistent messages to your users.


WonderPush is another push notification and in-app messaging tool that you can use in your Flutter app to boost the engagement of your users. It offers a lot of powerful features including segmentation and targeting, geo-targeting, and A/B testing for a very affordable price.


RevenueCat is an in-app purchases and subscription management tool with support for iOS, Android, and Stripe. With this tool, you can easily create and manage in-app purchases and subscriptions with RevenueCat doing all the heavy lifting and handling the billing infrastructure. It also tracks how your app is performing by measuring LTV, MRR, churn, and more out of the box.


Square is an in-app payment management platform that handles all the complexities that come with processing payments for you. With their Flutter SDK, you can start receiving in-app payments through an easily customizable UI with support for digital wallets and stored cards for quick checkout.

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