Your North Star Metric for a Five-Star App

Mobile performance measurement needs an upgrade. Prioritize a performance-first mindset and unite teams around a single metric that supports technical quality and feature development

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of mobile teams do not have a formalized mobile app testing strategy in place
releases per quarter on avg. delayed due to quality issues
high-severity defects/month on avg., causing delays and impacting user satisfaction

Insights to Align.
Clarity to Divide and Conquer

Set a New Bar for Mobile Performance

We’ve optimized the web Apdex concept for mobile and created the App Apdex to capture a similar metric for mobile. Unique among mobile SDKs, the App Apdex aggregates critical user experiences (screen loads, app launch, execution traces) and combines them with robust failed session data to provide comprehensive mobile metrics for performance

Build a Performance-First Culture

With Instabug’s team ownership and intelligent team alerting, mobile teams can avoid distractions and stay focused on the most critical alerts for their teams. Instabug also includes advanced integrations across a number of alerting mediums and workflows to ensure your mobile team has a seamless workflow when responding to and debugging quality problems

Custom Team Dashboards and Performance Overviews

Instabug gives enterprise mobile development teams the tools to appropriately route errors and assign responsibility when teams split a custom team-based view into the backlog of bugs, crashes and performance that relate to their specific area. Get an overview of app performance from the dashboard, along with the ability to identify and rank poorly performing screens

Mobilize Your Teams for a Mobile-First World

Effectively organize teams around a single quality metric, the App Apdex, and optimize their workflow to meet and exceed performance goals

Manage team assignments across your app and provide those teams with a custom team-based view of overall performance

Define a bar for app quality with App Apdex, and fine-tune what should be included or excluded from the calculations based on what uniquely impacts mobile performance

Get a complete picture of your overall app quality with app overview and filter data to assign specific areas to the relevant teams

Setup alerts for performance metrics that underperform the App Apdex target to prioritize them and address their root causes

Route all quality issues to an incident list for teams to prioritize what to work on next and collaborate on how to improve

Recognized Excellence in Mobile Performance

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Balance Between Performance Improvements and New Features

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