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Brain Technologies Uses Instabug to Streamline Development of AI-powered Mobile Apps

How Brain Technologies leveraged Instabug to streamline their issue management workflow and slash resolution times


Brain Technologies is a cutting-edge software company using artificial intelligence to transform the way people interact with technology. Their flagship products are two iOS apps powered by AI and natural language processing (NLP); Natural: Imagine Simplicity, an interface for discovering and ordering products online, and Imagica: Think Beyond, an AI-powered productivity and utilities assistant. These innovative apps leverage generative AI and NLP to provide users with an intuitive experience: the user speaks, and then the app thinks and fetches recommendations. 

“We believe in democratizing artificial intelligence. It needs to be something that everyone can use to its best capacity, and to their advantage.”—Chiragh Dewan, Product Manager

Prior to discovering Instabug, Brain Technologies had recently secured $50M+ in funding. With new funding, the company was positioned to scale, and the team recognized the need for a robust bug and crash reporting tool to support its growing audience and their expectations.


Brain Technologies faced several challenges that impacted their app performance and overall user experience. One of their major pain points was the ineffective management of bugs and crashes. The company had relied on manual processes to monitor bugs and Jira tickets, which proved to be labor-intensive, time-consuming, and led to inefficient collaboration between its development, QA, and product teams. Consequently, issue resolution progressed slowly, which led to falling user satisfaction rates and app ratings.

"The biggest challenge was visibility into tracking issues and bugs reported. We had one person in charge of tracking all the bugs manually and then creating a JIRA ticket for each item to ensure the items could then be followed up on. However, because this was a manual process, things oftentimes slipped through the cracks, leading to unresolved issues and frustrated users," says product manager Chiragh Dewan.

Brain Technologies needed a comprehensive solution that could expedite their bug and crash procedures while enabling frictionless team collaboration around ongoing tickets. They were looking for a system that could help them identify, reproduce, and resolve issues promptly, and with as much automation as possible. Finally, the solution needed to be able to integrate with their existing workflows and tech stack. 


To address their app quality challenges, Brain Technologies implemented Instabug, which offered solutions to all of their problems in one SDK. Instabug enabled the teams to identify and prioritize issues that needed their attention, assign tickets and sync updates across channels, and quickly reproduce errors, debug, and release.

Instabug's integration capabilities played a vital role in improving collaboration between Brain Technologies’ development, QA, and product teams. Integrating with JIRA enabled the creation of tickets directly from Instabug, helping team members to track, sync progress updates, and follow up on issues efficiently from both their Instabug and JIRA dashboards.

Like JIRA, the Slack integration also proved to be a solution for tangled workflows. After integrating, team members were able to handle tickets through Slack, their primary communication tool. From there, they could flag issue priority, add comments and assignments, and connect directly with users through in-app chat. Slack and Instabug kept members across teams aware of issues in progress and status changes.

Dewan, a product manager, uses Slack to view Instabug tickets every day. “It gives me clarity as to what exactly is going on, because every ticket is sent to Slack, from payment issues to design feedback. It tells me if a candidate build can be pushed to the app store. I get that information really fast, even before the QA team sends their daily reports.”


Because of Instabug’s impact on their issue assignment and management process, Brain Technologies’ teams have been able to accelerate overall resolution timelines. The efficient communication and collaboration facilitated by Instabug's integrations resulted in faster turnaround when addressing and triaging quality issues. It also improved visibility, ensuring that tickets wouldn’t go unnoticed due to leaky manual processes.

As for the technical side of issue debugging and resolution, Chiragh Dewan and the Brain Technologies team have found Instabug’s logs and event reconstruction features to be relevant to their overall success. “I think two of the main features that our engineering team really loves are the repro steps, which show the steps the user took before the issue occurred, as well as the header logs and other information provided,” says Dewan. “It definitely helps our engineering team to debug faster."

Instabug and workflow integrations also help Brain Technologies stick to fast-paced schedules.  "We operate on a continuous development cycle, so every day we're doing internal testing on a candidate build. Instabug has made it easy for our QA department, or any team member, to report and track bugs. With the Slack and JIRA integrations, we can quickly follow up, track, and have additional conversations about issues if needed. Any high-priority issues we can flag for the team in JIRA for faster resolution. All in all, Instabug has streamlined our issue-handling process and made us more efficient as a team," Dewan explains. “It gets issues out of the way quickly.”

Brain Technologies’ success in utilizing Instabug to optimize app performance and user experience demonstrates the platform's value in accelerating the development process and fostering effective collaboration between teams. Instabug's robust reporting capabilities, seamless integration with other workflow tools, and real-time notifications have played a crucial role in helping Brain Technologies deliver high-performing, high-quality apps to its growing user base. As Brain Technologies continues to innovate and expand, the company looks forward to a promising future with Instabug as a key partner in its ongoing success.

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