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Release Magic in Your Mobile Apps

Every app release has a story to tell. Instabug is the only solution that tracks and organizes release-specific metrics, helping teams efficiently pinpoint issues and improve performance across the development lifecycle.

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increase in app update frequency over the last 10 years
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Out the Door and Into Focus

App Release Comparison

Instabug reveals trends between app releases on a timeline with direct comparisons, while surfacing insights about specific metrics and recurring patterns. This enables teams to watch for specific degradations and feel confident in the quality of every release.

Intelligent Release Team Alerting

Focus mobile teams on the top performing and most recent releases that require their attention. Get advanced integrations across a number of alerting mediums and workflows to ensure your mobile team has a seamless experience when responding to and debugging quality issues.

Release Overview and Velocity Alerts

Get a birds eye view of each release, showing version adoption and trends in app quality improvements. With velocity alerts, calculate fast-moving performance concerns early so you can catch them before they impact more of your users.

Trend Up Performance With Every Release

Unbind your teams from binary limitations by viewing every release as an opportunity to learn
– and make things right – faster

Track and organize metrics and crashes by release. Unlike our competitors, we can highlight where in the release timeline a crash first occurred, not just when in time it first occurred

Identify trends between releases on a timeline with a direct comparison
between specific release metrics

Watch releases for specific degradations, act swiftly to resolve them,
and gain confidence for future versions

Recognized Excellence in Mobile Performance

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Brain Technologies uses Instabug to streamline development of AI-powered mobile apps

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Saturn leverages Instabug to streamline bug reporting and reduce QA process time

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RBFA utilizes Instabug to improve bug reporting accuracy

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