Enhance Incident Response with PagerDuty Integration

Stay on top of your app's stability and performance with the PagerDuty integration. Get notified instantly when you receive a crash or performance issue

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Instantly alert your on-call teams, ensuring a swift response to critical issues.

Get notified via PagerDuty incidents every time a crash or performance issue occurs on your app. You and your team will be able to receive incidents and get notified directly with all the needed Contextual Details, without needing to use multiple tools.

Gain comprehensive view of incidents, enabling proactive management of potential issues.

Empower your teams with insights needed for proactive issue management. This approach not only streamlines incident response but also enables your team to address potential problems before they impact your users.

Customize Your PagerDuty Notifications

Forward crashes and performance issues automatically with Instabug. Tailor notifications to suit your team's preferences and escalation policies.

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