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Top Mobile Crash Reporting Tools

At one point or another, all mobile app users have been affected by a frozen frame followed by a crash soon after. Apps crash at an average rate of less than 2%, but still, they greatly affect user experience. A study on user expectations of mobile apps found that 80% of users will uninstall an app that crashes only three times or less. This means that users are unforgiving when it comes to app crashes. And since crashes are an inevitability, the more users adopt an app, it’s essential for developers to know why their apps are crashing. To do so, developers need a mobile crash reporting tool.

In this post, we will get a detailed look at Instabug, the ideal option when it comes to mobile crash reporting tools available. This tool can help you monitor not only your app’s crashes in significant detail, but can also help you pinpoint exactly what went wrong and how to fix it.

Mobile crash reporting tools

Instabug Crash Reporting tool benefits

Instabug is a lightweight SDK that gives you the ultimate mobile crash reporting tool. Get real-time error alerts, while knowing the severity and cause behind each crash.

You want to give your users the experience they deserve. When a crash occurs, you need to know about it before hearing about it from negative reviews or emails. Using a mobile crash reporting tool to track your app’s crashes in real-time goes a long way to help you manage testing and address issues before they impact more of your users.

Instabug Crash Reporting helps you easily understand how your app is performing.

Why use Instabug’s Crash Reporting tool?

Instabug’s mobile crash reporting tool is built from the ground up specifically for mobile teams to be able to:

  • Instantly receive comprehensive crash reports
  • Know exactly why your mobile app is crashing and how to fix it
  • Identify the severity of crashes and easily spot patterns
  • Reply back to your users and automate your workflow

Instabug’s mobile crash reporting features include:

  • Repro steps to help you recreate the conditions that lead up to a crash
  • Session profiler, extensive logs, and full-stack trace to quickly identify the cause of the crash
  • Fully customizable alerts to detect spikes with IFTT rules
  • Advanced filtering across all data points
  • Workflow management and code ownership
  • Capturing all crash types: OOMs, ANRs, and NDK

Crash reporting is a common term with built-in solutions for mobile platforms. But a dedicated mobile crash reporting tool takes things to the next level. So let’s take a step back and explore that.

What is a crash reporting tool? And why do you need it?

For app users, experiencing a crash is considered the worst-case scenario. A crash is the result of an error that leads to the complete interruption of a user’s session and experience. A whopping 53% of users uninstall or remove apps if they crash or do not respond. A ton of resources are dedicated by mobile teams to prevent crashes from ruining the user experience.

Since it is impossible to altogether prevent crashes from ever happening. The focus instead shifts to trying to reduce the occurrence of crashes and the severity of their impact. And to do both, the tool best suited is a crash reporter. A crash reporter essentially waits for a crash to occur and collects information that it sends to the developer team giving them a vital collection of information. This helps developers first know that this crash occurred and gives them the information they need to prevent it from happening again.

Instabug takes it a step further by helping solve all the issues presented by a crashing app. For starters, the data collected gives a wide range of context to what exactly led to the crash and how to fix it. And, to help prioritize which crashes to focus on fixing, with Instabug’s crash severity metric and real-time alerts you can quickly assess the impact of each crash. And to top it off you have the ability to reply to users that experienced crashes to help acknowledge their frustration and let them know that the issue they experienced will be addressed.

Crash reduction is an inevitability when you're using Instabug crash reporting. Check out how Vectornator zeroed in on stability with Instabug and cut their crashes by 80%.

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