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Top AI and ML Mobile Testing Tools for Apps

In the ever-growing market of mobile apps, there is a continuously growing need for better testing methods and tools. A study by Kobiton showed that companies are willing to invest more and more in mobile app testing. 79% said that they will spend more next year and 72% said that they will increase their tester headcount. Mobile app testing is a very taxing part of the software development life cycle and there are new trends aimed at easing the process. One of the biggest trends in mobile app testing is the integration of AI and ML. While manual testing isn't going anywhere anytime soon, AI and ML mobile testing will help speed up the process greatly by performing tasks considered tedious by testers.

We at Instabug know the importance of testing and so we compiled a list of the top AI and ML testing tools for mobile apps.

Top AI and ML Mobile Testing Tools


Testim brings adds AI and ML elements to automated testing to make the most out testing. Artificial intelligence is used to speed up the authoring, execution, and maintenance of the tests. Testim includes self-maintenance of automated tests that are machine learning based. This all results in very fast authoring of stable automated tests.

Pricing: The Basic plan is free and includes up to 100 executions/month. The Pro plan is customizable and needs contact with Testim for more details.


Functionize’s Adaptive Event Analysis™ is at the core of their product when it comes to AI and Machine Learning. It utilizes both AI and ML to take a deep look at apps and enable easy maintenance in a visual environment. The tool is meant to autonomously identify and update your tests as your site changes.

Pricing: There is no quote for pricing available you must contact Functionize by signing up or booking a demo.

Appvance IQ

Appvance IQ claims to be the only QA system in the world with Level-5 autonomy for native mobile. That being machine learning full automation having auto-generated smart scripts with validation. No code will need to be added to your applications. AppvanceIQ aims to deliver DevOps speed and drive continuous testing due to AI being able to generate real tests much faster than humans.

Pricing: There is no quote for pricing available you must contact Appvance or request a technical consultation.


Applitools lets you automatically run functional and visual tests at scale. AI is utilized in computer vision algorithms that instantly detect and report visual differences found between baselines and screenshots. No calibration, training, tweaking or thresholds are required. This tool is particularly adept at dealing with visual differences while testing new versions of apps and being able to handle these differences quickly.

Pricing: There is a free trial, the starter plan starts at $449 per month and bigger plans require contact with the Applitools team. is one of the bigger AI-powered test automation platforms. It’s designed to scale and test thousands of apps in parallel without the need to code or maintain tests. Testing is automated for the most impactful user experiences to help you can publish your apps faster.

Pricing: There is no quote for pricing available you must contact directly.

AI Testbot

Bitbar's AI Testbot targets the hassle of having to manually test apps on different mobile devices. It automates the process of exploring apps across a large number of real devices. Without the need for human overseeing or scripts, AI Testbot smartly explores your app UI to identify and report critical errors in user flow faster. By understanding your app UI structure AI Testbot figures out the best way to execute tests through Continuous Learning and Improvement. And works well when changes are implemented.

Pricing: You can try AI Testbot for free and contact the team for more pricing details.

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