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Top IoT Testing Tools

Interconnectivity and the use of different sensors and devices are already having a profound impact on society, and it’s only going to get bigger. According to CISCO, up to 50 billion things will end up being connected to IoT. And with this new shift in utilizing IoT comes new challenges in the development of apps. One of the biggest challenges that come with adding a lot of different variables to the equation is testing. IoT testing has a lot of factors including scalability, security, performance, and more. It makes it very challenging and costly to test for everything for every connected device.

To help you test your IoT mobile apps we’ve compiled a list of the top IoT testing tools.



MATLAB and Simulink help you design and prototype IoT applications such as predictive maintenance, operations optimization, supervisory control, and more.

Protocols: REST, MQTT, and OPC UA.
Pricing: Contact MATLAB directly for a custom evaluation.


IoTIFY aims to ease the life of IoT developers and testers by providing simulation as a service. Their platform lets you define a virtual device and specify the connection endpoint, and they will handle the running and scaling the simulation as you need.

Protocols: MQTT, HTTP REST or CoAP.
Pricing: Contact IoTIFY directly for a quote.

BevyWise IoT Simulator

BevyWise’s IoT Simulator helps you test your cloud and on-premise MQTT Application for functional and load testing. You will be able to simulate tens of thousands in a commodity server. You will be able to develop and test all aspects of your IoT devices from servers to MQTT devices.

Protocols: MQTT, REST
Pricing: Pricing starts at $599, other plans are $1799 and $2999.

IBM Watson IoT Platform (IBM Bluemix)


The IBM Watson IoT Platform is a solution of various IBM Cloud services. The IoT platform lets you collect and analyze relevant product performance and usage data for your IoT enabled assets.  There are also add-ons that can be added to the platform such as Blockchain or Platform Analytics.

Protocols: MQTT and HTTP REST.
Pricing: Starts at $800 per instance per month.

IoT Performance Testing Tools


LoadRunner supports a wide range of apps. It helps you drastically reduce the amount of time and skill required to simulate user transactions in load testing software. And with integrations with a lot of different IDEs and support for testing scripts it allows for continuous testing. LoadRunner also helps you identify performance bottlenecks by using seamless integrated real-time performance monitors.

Pricing: Pricing is dependent on virtual users. With a free version for up to 50 virtual users and there is an option of $1.40 per virtual user day.


NeoLoad is a great straight out of the box option for mobile load testing and IoT use cases. You can quickly and efficiently create tests that accurately represent your real users regarding network conditions, specific devices, and geographic locations. You will be able to record any native or otherwise mobile app direct recording from any device or emulator.

Pricing: Starts at a free version and there are three more paid packages depending on the number of virtual users.


Locust is an open-source load testing tool that uses Python code. Locust supports running load tests distributed over multiple machines this allows for the simulation of millions of devices and users. It’s a tried and tested option and being open source and uses python makes it very accessible.


Apache JMeter is a popular choice for performance testing. It’s open-source and lets you test performance both on static and dynamic resources and test their strength or to analyze overall performance under different load types.

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