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Summer 2024 Product Updates: Master the Mobile Experience

We’re excited to share Instabug’s latest features and enhancements, designed to enable mobile teams to consistently deliver exceptional mobile experiences at scale. This Summer brings deep visibility over your app’s key flows, extended support for declarative UI frameworks, AI-powered auto-detection of UI issues, and much more.

Instabug continues to be recognized as a leader in mobile excellence by G2, reflecting our unwavering commitment to our partners. We are grateful for your trust and remain dedicated to your success.

Let’s take a closer look at this Summer’s updates and how they can help you deliver 5-star mobile experiences.

Track the Performance of Your Critical App Flows

Successful mobile teams understand the critical importance of optimizing their key app flows to maximize retention, conversion, and revenue. This makes monitoring the stability, performance, and user experience of your app’s key flows an essential factor in the success of your app.

Instabug's flows provides a centralized dashboard that allows mobile teams to track the health and performance of key app flows. Once you define your key flows, Instabug automatically tracks their duration, throughput, completion rate, stability, and performance. Additionally, flows gives you a detailed view of the performance of all the app spans occurring in your critical app flows, including network calls, composable loading, database queries, and more.

This consolidated view makes it easy to track the performance of your app’s most important user flows and quickly detect and fix any issues that may affect their user experience, and ultimately, your revenue.

Explore flows in the sandbox or learn more in our docs for iOS, Android, React Native, and Flutter

Understand the Performance of Your Feature Flags

Top mobile teams use feature flags as a way to test features and de-risk the deployment of new experiences to their users. Stability and performance are crucial factors in the success of the app variants mobile teams deliver with feature flags. To accurately evaluate the performance of feature flags and their variants, mobile teams need an effective way to monitor and track the user experience as they roll out.

Instabug's features and experiments is now Feature Flags, introducing enhancements designed to help you quickly identify quality problems associated with recently rolled-out features. Instabug now consolidates the stability and performance data for all variants of every feature flag in the same place, enabling you to view and compare their performance at a glance.

Explore feature flags in the sandbox or learn more in our docs.

Automatically Detect Visual Issues With AI

UI bugs and visual issues can have a significant impact on the user experience but are often difficult to detect until they are reported by your users. Without an efficient process to identify and fix these issues, they remain under your radar and continue eroding your brand’s image and user trust.

Instabug’s AI visual insights tackles this by analyzing your sessions’ screenshots and automatically identifying UI issues and inconsistencies. Session Replay now flags sessions with visual issues in your session list and highlights them on the session details page, enabling you to quickly debug and fix visual bugs.

AI visual insights is currently in beta. If you would like to enable AI visual insights and join our beta test, please reach out our support team.

Explore AI visual insights in the sandbox or learn more in our docs.

Expanded SwiftUI and Jetpack Support

Declarative UI frameworks are rapidly becoming the default choice for modern apps and mobile teams need to monitor their performance effectively.

We’re enhancing our support for SwiftUI and Jetpack Compose to provide a comprehensive view of the user experience. Instabug now automatically detects screens and user interactions for Jetpack Compose and SwiftUI support now includes private views and automatically detects user interactions, enabling you to easily track the performance and user experience of your declarative UI.

Learn more about SwiftUI and Jetpack Compose in our docs for iOS and Android.

Integrate with New Relic for End-to-End Network Monitoring

View the end-to-end lifecycle of your app’s network calls from the client to the server side with the New Relic integration. Once you set up your integration, Instabug will automatically attach a trace ID to network calls to link them to your backend monitoring and provide a link to the traces page on New Relic where you can filter your list using the trace ID.

Learn more about the New Relic network calls integration in our docs.

Integrate With Grafana to Consolidate and Visualize Your Data

Consolidating the data you receive from many different sources in one place and visualizing it in one place helps you make sense of your data and extract better insights. Now you can integrate with Grafana to add Instabug’s stability and performance data to your Grafana dashboards, enabling you to gain a more comprehensive view of your data.

Learn more about the Grafana integration in our docs.

Fix Accelerating Crashes Before They Grow

Identifying accelerating crashes enables you to take measures to prevent them from snowballing and impacting more users. It serves as an early warning system that helps you triage and prioritize issues to effectively address them before they become a problem.

Instabug now automatically flags crashes when their occurrences show a significant increase above the average. Additionally, you can filter by accelerating crashes to surface all growing issues, as well as set up alerts to get notified when a crash is accelerating.

Stay on Top of Your Crash-Free User Rate

Get alerted when your app’s crash-free user rate drops below a specified threshold, overall or for specific app versions. Now you can immediately get notified when crashes impact a significant number of your users to lower your response time and mitigate the issue.

Discover Crash Occurrence Trends

Visualizing your crash occurrences over time allows you to monitor app stability trends and detect sudden spikes in issues. With the addition of the crash timeline to Crash Reporting, you can view a graph of your crash occurrences over time to monitor your progress and spot emerging issues early. Any filters you apply to your crashes page will also reflect in the timeline, enabling you to discover the trends for specific subsets of your crashes.

Explore the crash timeline in our sandbox.

Collect Granular GDPR Consent From Your Users

Ensure compliance with GDPR standards by collecting granular, opt-in consent from your users. The new enhancements to the consent options enable your users to selectively opt-in to share their data and get contacted by your team.

Learn more about user consent options in our docs for iOS and Android.

Flutter Screen Loading Performance

We’re continuously expanding and enhancing our support for cross-platform mobile technologies and this season we’re adding screen loading to Flutter App Performance Monitoring. Now you can track how long your app's screens take to load as well as all the spans executed and their performance.

Explore Flutter screen loading in the sandbox or learn more in our docs.

Prompt Users to Report Frustrating Experiences (Coming Soon)

Monitoring your app’s user experience metrics is fundamental to maximizing its success, but performance data can sometimes lack the context and perspective that only your user’s voice can provide.

Proactively prompting users who go through a frustrating experience to report the issue and describe it in their own words makes it easier for you to understand what happened and the impact it has on users.

Frustrating experience reports are coming soon, starting with support for proactive prompts after forced restarts. We're also working on adding more user frustration signals in the near future.

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