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Introducing Code Ownership Conditions for Crash Reporting Rules (Beta)

Filter out the noise and stay on top of issues that are relevant to your team

The new conditions added to our rules engine for iOS and Android allow you to perform actions — such as forwarding and assigning crashes — based on the path (iOS), package (Android), and/or filename the crash originated from. This will help you stay on top of the issues most relevant to you and your team without having to check all the other issues you are receiving.

Instabug uses your app's dSYM/mapping files to obtain the path/package and filename. Once these files are available, simply navigate to your rules page from the settings tab on the app's dashboard and create a new rule for crashes with the triggers and conditions you want. Path/package conditions also introduce new matching behavior that supports partial matches; check our docs for more details here for iOS and here for Android. This feature is currently in beta and is available upon request; if you are interested in trying it out, please contact us at or through the Intercom chat button on the bottom right of your dashboard.

Code ownership rules page

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