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How Europe's Largest Luxury E-Commerce Portal Collects User Feedback is the world leader and creator of event-driven e-commerce sales on the Internet. Specializing since 2001 in online destocking of major brands, vente-privee's apps and website have more than 80 million visits per month. Sales are limited in time (three to five days) and are organized in close collaboration with more than 10,000 major international brands in all categories.

vente-privee places customer satisfaction at the heart of its strategy. This vision of customer service has allowed the site to win major customer service awards for eight consecutive years, totaling more than 27 awards.

We had the chance to speak with Conversion Rate Optimization Lead Antoine Loisance about vente-privee and how they handle user feedback, undertake product management, and utilize Instabug.

Antoine Loisance, Conversion Rate Optimization Lead at

Can you tell us about your team's role at vente-privee?

At vente-privee, we specialize in flash sales as a unique way for product distribution, acting as an alternative to traditional e-commerce. My team is focused on the front end of the core brand, which is comprised of the vente-privee iOS and Android apps as well as the website.

In this role, what were your responsibilities?

Two years ago, we started the product management team. My mission was to optimize our conversion rates, so I worked on A/B testing, UX research, and also everything about collecting data and insights about users.

How did you collect user feedback?

We worked a lot on user testing remotely and face to face interviews. In 2015, we started to use Instabug for an internal beta version for our iOS app, and it was quite a good experience internally.

From that, we saw an opportunity to use Instabug in our live applications. It would allow us to collect feedback easily and also offer a new service to our best clients.
-Antoine Loisance, Conversion Rate Optimization Lead

We really wanted to get valuable details and information to help us push vente-privee forward, so we communicated to our top users that we were offering a new feature where they could shake their phones to send feedback (through the Instabug SDK). We displayed a banner for a limited time to our most valuable users to promote this feature and encourage them to share feedback.

Instabug's SDK is visible only to our best clients as we have more than four million daily active users and we want to be able to handle the level of daily feedback perfectly and provide innovative ways to connect and retain our top users.

Ventee Privee

What made you choose Instabug?

It was a best case scenario because Instabug was chosen by our developers, so it was easier for us. Usually when a product manager recommends a new tool, we need to get validation from our technical team to prevent any issues.

We compared Instabug with competitors and we found that Instabug has the advantage because of the level of documentation, the quality of the SDK, and the level of service in terms of support. And all of our developers will tell you exactly the same answer.
-Antoine Loisance, Conversion Rate Optimization Lead

How do you handle feedback that you receive through Instabug?

We use Instabug's integration with Asana. My goal was to be able to communicate all the insights to all the product managers. The idea was to set up a knowledge base of user insights organized by project in Asana. It's a good way to collect everything in one place and to make sure all the product managers can use the feedback. Sending them tasks from Instabug reports is like saying your user has a voice in the backlog. It's also super efficient to receive user feedback right inside Asana to work directly on the issues, faster.

For each issue reported, we can assign specific team members, label the issue, and decide its severity to make it easier for the product managers to triage the issue and assign it to the right team. For instance, we have a client services team that takes care of specific cases like delivery problems. There's also the content team who are responsible for all the product descriptions, so for example if someone reports that a t-shirt is described as blue but the photo shows a white t-shirt, we can assign it to them right away to fix it.

How has the user feedback you collect through Instabug helped your product team?

We really care about having a real connection with users and want to make sure that any issues they face are addressed. The best thing is to be able to have a real connection with users who face specific issues, which are really different from the product discussions we have internally.

What is your tech stack?

  • Hotjar to understand user behavior on the website and apps
  • Mixpanel to collect analytics and data
  • Tealium for tag management
  • Instabug for feedback collection

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