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Improve App Quality and Performance

Deliver the high quality users expect and separate yourself from the competition with Instabug's triple threat of tools to optimize your app's performance: APM, Crash Reporting, and Bug Reporting.

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Enhance Your User Experience Quality

App Performance Monitoring

Enhance Your User Experience Quality

Stay on top of critical issues affecting your users' experience before they even complain. With the help of mobile-focused performance metrics, confidently prioritize between fixing issues and building new features. Don't waste time debugging and spot the exact conditions leading to performance issues.

Crash Reporting

Diagnose and Handle Errors in Production

Save time and quickly figure out exactly why your app is crashing with detailed reports built by developers for developers. Reply to affected users to ask for more information or update them about a fix. Stay on top of errors and strengthen the stability and performance of your app.

Diagnose and Handle Errors  in Production
Debug and Fix Issues Faster

Bug Reporting

Debug and Fix Issues Faster

The most comprehensive bug reporting tool in the market for mobile development. Make it easier for your testers and users to submit bugs and get all the details you need to investigate, understand, and easily fix any issues and improve your app quality.

Support for Multiple Platforms

In less than a minute, integrate the Instabug SDK for iOS, Android, React Native, Xamarin, Cordova, Flutter, and Unity mobile apps.

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