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Mobile Developers Debug Faster with Instabug

Streamline your quality workflow with automated issue detection, prioritization,  alerts, and debugging details

Instabug Mobile Grid Pattern

One-minute Integration

Minimal Footprint

Comprehensive Insights

Instabug Glow Effect

Support for the Top Mobile Platforms

Simple Steps To Get Started

	withToken: "YOUR_APP_TOKEN_HERE", 
	invocationEvents: [.shake, .screenshot]

new Instabug.Builder(this, "YOUR_APP_TOKEN_HERE")

Instabug.StartWithToken("YOUR_APP_TOKEN_HERE", IBGInvocationEvent.Shake);

Instabug.startWithToken('YOUR_APP_TOKEN_HERE', [

@Overrideprotected List getPackages() { return Arrays.
asList( new MainReactPackage(), new 
RNInstabugReactnativePackage.Builder("YOUR_APP_TOKEN_HERE”, MainApplication.this)
.setInvocationEvent("shake").build() }

	'button', {commentRequired: true, colorTheme: 'dark'}

ArrayList invocationEvents = new ArrayList();
new InstabugFlutterPlugin().start(CustomFlutterApplication.this, "YOUR_APP_TOKEN_HERE", invocationEvents);

25,000+ Innovative Teams Rely on the Instabug SDK

Himadri Sarkar

Himadri Sarkar


“Customers love our product, and they show their love with a 4.8/5.0 rating for SyncUP KIDS in the app store. We really appreciate Instabug which provides a mechanism to build a communication channel with our customers and is an active ear for our customers' feedback.”

Justin Ing

Justin Ing


“Instabug has allowed us to really connect to our store colleagues. We have given them an easy and simple method to provide feedback to our support teams. It helped us diagnose, triage, and solve problems affecting our stores easier and faster. Our colleagues love it!"

Alex Ma

Alex Ma


"I would highly recommend Instabug to anyone on the product development journey. Listening to feedback from users, and making sure you're building an app that works and that is high quality, is critical and crucial to finding product-market fit."

Kimberly Kalb


"With the Instabug + Slack integration, the Houseparty team is always updated about incoming issues reported through Instabug. And with the Instabug + Front integration, Houseparty’s Trust and Safety Team can receive, sort, and address all Instabug reports."

Wells Riley

Wells Riley


"I've had plenty of apps break on me and I try to take a screenshot so that I can send it to support and I always get a little disappointed when I don’t see Instabug. Instabug has made it easier for Envoy’s customers to report problems.”

Jamie Scanlon

Jamie Scanlon


"Instabug not only gave us the ability to obtain accurate data about the health of the apps in the wild, it gave us the ability to address issues quickly and proactively."

Shelby Kozlowski

Shelby Kozlowski


“Instabug has helped us better understand our users' feedback and opened a communication channel with our users to accommodate features and functionally they're looking for more effectively.”

Mohammad Hariri

Mohammad Hariri


"If you look at our crash rate over the last two to four years, the trend was down, we were making headway, but not as fast as we wanted to, and Instabug provided us the ability to make a major impact in a rather short time.”

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