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7 Reasons Why Working At Instabug Sucks

What is it really like to be part of the #BugSquad?

1. No one can beat the boss at ping pong (hush! don't say that)

Working at Instabug

You know when you're so good at ping pong that it can cost you your job? Let's just say that our boss is SO good at ping pong that he's our champ; the broken walls in our old office were a testament to how hard we train to beat the boss. So what do we learn from this? The boss always wins; otherwise, he'll get so competitive, he won't let you leave the office until he beats you and when he does, you'll hear his infamous line: "enta me7tag teshta3'al 3ala nafsak shewya."

2. Our clients get intimate with us (Instabug is officially loved)

How many of you have clients that tell you, "Relax, go do some yoga" and actually mean it? How many of you receive pictures from your clients' vacation? I mean, to be constantly feeling that unconditional love from someone that isn't your mama is sooo good. As one of our values is winning users hearts, let me just tell you: true love confessions from our clients are non-stop and to be honest, it's mutual!

3. Awkward, all-hands birthday celebrations

instabug birthday

We do not kid when it comes to celebrating one of our own's birthdays -- even if it's your first day as a #BugSquad member and it's your birthday, guess what? The entire company will be there watching you while you awkwardly take in the spotlight, listen to your birthday song, cut your cake (even though you probably don't know how to properly cut a cake), get your picture taken with your cake, have people posting you on their Insta Stories -- just to make you feel special. To truly be a part of Instabug, be prepared to have your birthday celebrated. Look at the bright side: At least there's cake.

4. Food orders never change

Working at Instabug

Don't ever come between the #BugSquad and their food. We are foodies; we can have twenty different orders in one sitting (starting from homemade ma7shy to fried sushi, yum!) Our relationship with food follows a certain routine: order, eat, and repeat -- multiple times a day from multiple restaurants. So it must not come as a surprise that our kitchen is our sanctuary. The fridge is filled from top to bottom with chocolates, biscuits, sodas, and juice (not great for your diet, to be honest). And don't get me started on the coffee -- the #BugSquad has acquired a taste for Nespresso and NO OTHER type of coffee (they can't handle any other brand, poor souls).

5. New addictions

working at instabug

We all have our comfort zones and are mostly set in our ways, but when you're a #BugSquad mate, you are part of a marching band, one that rallies to the beat of its own drums. We have writers, philosophers, fitness fanatics (hitting the gym every morning before bug squashing), chess players, deep sea fishermen, surfers, readers (from actual books to audiobooks and e-books), footballers (from actual football to American football)  -- pretty much anything, we got it. Whatever your addiction is, we have it, and you will find company to binge with you. You'll get sucked into a whirlwind of temptations -- things you haven't tried before, things you never thought to try and love.

6. Picking the right team is hard


At Instabug, we're aiming to build the perfect team. The hiring process at Instabug is rigorous and tough. Every single decision is made with the goal in mind to have the best team possible -- better known as the #BugSquad. We are always looking to expand and make our team stronger, so if anyone out there is interested and think they have what it takes to join, we are hiring and we are looking for your talents! Check out our Instabug jobs.

7. You get too attached

Working at Instabug

Kidding aside, you become part of a community. You leave your other plans to the weekend because during the week you are booked. You choose to be present in the moment with your #BugSquad mates. You care for these people. You care for their well-being. You always, always have their back. You celebrate their victories as if they were your own. You do your best because you know they will expect nothing less. Some days, you don't leave the office before 9 PM because you want to, not because you are obligated to. You never want to let them down. You sometimes go into work on weekends, without anyone telling you to do so, because there is work to be done. You will choose to spend time with them over others and you'll realize that you've gained a second family.

I won't lie, there are days where you can't stand work, you want to quit or just scream your guts out -- just like there are days where I can't stand my sister, but in the end, this is the work family we chose and this is the job and company we love to fight for. Instabug is hard; you pour your blood, tears, and sweat into it. You cancel actual plans with your friends and you fit your schedule around Instabug's schedule, not the other way around. Why? Because you believe in your team and you believe in what you do. And I am proud to say that I am part of the #BugSquad.

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