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Top Load Testing Tools for Mobile Applications

It's a challenge for every mobile team to get their app noticed in the middle of the 2.46 million apps on the Google Play store and 1.96 million apps on the App Store. It is an equally huge challenge to retain your users after they do download your app. Qualitest reports that 88% of app users will abandon apps based on bugs and glitches. The need for quality performing apps has never been higher with the abundance of apps available. Also, the more popular your app gets the more stress is put on the system and will likely cause issues with performance. This is why you need to stay ahead of issues by using top load testing tools for your mobile applications and ensuring that you're delivering the quality that your users deserve.

We at Instabug know the importance of quality assurance so we compiled a list of the top performance testing tools for mobile apps.

Top load testing tools for mobile applications


WebLOAD is one of the top tools to help you handle performance testing your systems. While normally for web platforms, WebLOAD integrates with Perfecto Mobile and lets you run realistic mobile performance testing to accurately evaluate the mobile user experience while the system is presented with load conditions. You can measure the response time and availability of key transactions inside a mobile application under simulated real-world conditions including backend server load, network conditions and specific mobile device.

Pricing: Pricing is undisclosed but there is a free trial available to test out the product.

LoadUI Pro

top load testing tools for mobile applications - load ui ng pro

LoadUI Pro lets you conduct rapid and comprehensive performance testing for SOAP and REST APIs. Altering test speed and scalability of new changes to APIs can be done in minutes, as well as preview API performance behaviors before releasing to production environments.

Pricing: Pricing starts at €5,327/year and includes a free trial.

OApica LoadTest

Apica LoadTest is designed to help enterprises ensure the scalability of websites, apps, APIs and IoT. By load testing application performance your team can find performance bottlenecks before they become huge issues during traffic spikes.

Pricing: There is no information on the price but you can schedule a demo with the team.


CloudTest lets you stress test your app’s environment to ensure that you’re ready for any sudden spikes in traffic. Their team of engineers can help you design your test at any scale or stage of production and interpret the results. You’ll see what the performance problems are and where they originate, so you can fix them before they affect customers.

Pricing: There is no information on the price but you can schedule a demo with the team.


LoadRunner supports a wide range of apps. It helps you drastically reduce the amount of time and skill required to simulate user transactions in load testing software. And with integrations with a lot of different IDEs and support for testing scripts it allows for continuous testing. LoadRunner also helps you identify performance bottlenecks by using seamless integrated real-time performance monitors.

Pricing: Pricing is dependent on virtual users. With a free version for up to 50 virtual users and there is an option of $1.40 per virtual user day.


WAPT doesn't need a whole lot of QA experience and wide technical background to start running test loading scripts. At the same time, it provides the functionality sufficient to test mobile applications and any server component accessible over HTTP. There is also the option of WAPT Pro that offers a higher scale and more integrations and features.

Pricing: Starts at $700 for WAPT and $1200 for WAPT Pro.


NeoLoad is a great straight out of the box option for mobile load testing and even for IoT use cases. You can quickly and efficiently create tests that accurately represent your real users regarding network conditions, specific devices, and geographic locations. You will be able to record any native or otherwise mobile app direct recording from any device or emulator.

Pricing: Starts at a free version and there are three more paid packages depending on the number of virtual users.

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