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Product Survey Questions for Mobile App Feedback

Surveys give product managers a powerful method for getting in touch with their target audiences so they can learn about them and assess their needs and preferences. The easiest way to get high response rates and rich answers is by asking your users survey questions right in your app. Instabug’s in-app surveys can be used to get feedback for both beta and production apps. So, it's easy to reach out to users and ask survey questions for app feedback at any point in your product life cycle.

Product survey questions for app feedback

After you’ve chosen your survey format, you’ll create your product survey. NPS and app rating surveys come with pre-set (customizable) questions, or you can start from scratch with your own. The type of survey you choose and the questions you ask will depend on what you’re trying to learn from your survey. We’ve created some example survey questions for product managers below.

GOAL “I want to understand…” QUESTION ANSWER FORMAT
…user goals. What problem/goal are you solve or achieve with this app? Open text (verbatim)
...product utility Does this app help you achieve your goal? Multiple choice:
  • Very helpful
  • A little helpful
  • Neutral
  • Not very helpful
  • Not helpful at all
...the user experience. How satisfied are you with the ease of use of this app? Multiple choice:
  • Very satisfied
  • Reasonably satisfied
  • Neutral
  • Somewhat dissatisfied
  • Very dissatisfied
...value perception. How would you rate the value for the price of this app/in-app purchases? Multiple choice:
  • Great
  • Good
  • Fair
  • Poor
  • Awful
...the user experience. In your own words, what do you like most about this app? Open text (verbatim)
...the user experience. What's the most important thing we could do to improve your app experience? Open text (verbatim)
...feature usage. Which feature of the app is most useful to you? Multiple choice
...product usability. How satisfied are you with the ability to integrate with other services? Multiple choice:
  • Very satisfied/li>
  • Reasonably satisfied
  • Neutral
  • Somewhat dissatisfied
  • Very dissatisfied
...user needs. Are there any features you expected to find but didn't? Open text (verbatim)
...the user experience. Did anything confuse or annoy you while using this app? Open text (verbatim)
...brand loyalty. On a scale of 1 to 10, how likely are you to recommend this app to a friend or colleague? NPS survey

Instabug survey types

Here are Instabug’s three survey offerings. Each type can be customized to your liking. You’re able to customize the wording, localization options, followup options, user targeting, event targeting, and more. Every survey comes with its own analytics page, so you can get deeper real-time insights into your data.

NPS surveys

The classic customer loyalty survey. Ask them how likely they are to recommend your app to a friend or colleague. What happens next depends on how they respond. Promoters will be asked if they’d like to leave you a review in the app store. Passives and detractors will be asked what you could do better — allowing you to get more information, and keeping negative feedback in your inbox and out of the app store.

App rating surveys

Ask your users if they like your app. If they do, they’ll be asked if they’d like to leave you an app store review. If they don’t, they’ll be asked what you could do better.

Custom surveys

Write your own questions and choose from a variety of answer formats. Give them multiple-choice options, open text fields, or ask for a star rating. You can ask your users anything! You can also create and customize thank you messages.

Targeting the right users for app feedback

After you’ve created your survey, it’s time for you to choose which of your users will see your survey. You can ship surveys without any code changes by using automatic targeting. You can target users with custom attributes or you can choose from preset attributes like app version, session count, last seen, country, or more. To do this, you’ll select one or multiple conditions in the WHO field on the survey targeting page.

Target your surveys to one or more specific segments, either pre-set or custom.

Targeting the perfect moment to show your surveys

Sending well-written questions to a well-chosen group of people isn’t the only thing you need to launch a successful survey. You’ll also need to approach them at strategic times so you can ask questions in context, when they’re most relevant to your users’ experience. Increasing relevance increases the response rate and quality of your results.

When you’re creating your survey, you’ll encounter the event targeting step on the survey targeting page. After you’ve completed the user targeting (WHO), you’ll move on to event targeting (WHEN). You can choose from a list of custom events specific to your app after you’ve added them to your custom event list. More details on how to do this are in our documentations. If you don’t select a specific event, your survey will appear 10 seconds after launch by default.

Your custom events will appear in the dropdown menu and can be chosen as survey triggers.

After your survey

You can check in on your survey results at any time; you’ll get real-time results updated whenever you load your survey results page. You’ll find some helpful numbers like how many users saw your survey and what percentage of those responded to it. Plus, there’s also an analytics tab, where you’ll get a bird’s eye breakdown of your responses. Depending on what type of survey you created, you’ll see either your NPS score, a word cloud illustrating comment frequency, the percentage of respondents who clicked through to rate you on the app store, or more.

Finally, an essential feedback best practice is closing the loop. To ask follow-up questions or simply thank the user for participating, you can press the Reply button from any individual survey response to get in touch with the user and start an in-app chat.

Reply back to users and keep them in the loop.

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