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Introducing Two-Factor Authentication

Instabug dashboard product update

Secure access to your accounts and data

Weak and stolen passwords are the culprits behind 81% of security breaches, but fortunately, this threat can be largely eliminated by simply using two-factor authentication to add an extra layer of security to data access.

Now you can enable two-factor authentication to add an extra security step to your login process. Two-factor authentication is a simple and highly recommended security best practice that requires a temporary authentication code generated by your authenticator app.

Enabling two-factor authentication

To start using two-factor authentication, navigate to the profile page on your Instabug dashboard and select ‘enable’ from the two-factor authentication secondary sidebar then follow the steps to add Instabug to your authenticator app.

Instabug dashboard - profile page

After connecting to your authenticator app, you will receive five one-time-use recovery codes that you can use to login into your account in case you don’t have access to your phone. Make sure you store them in a safe place that you can access from a different device than the one you use for your authenticator app.

recovery code issue for 2FA modal on Instabug's dashboard

Now, every time you login into your Instabug account, you will be prompted for an authentication or recovery code, minimizing the risk of compromised passwords.

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