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Introducing the App Overview Page

Monitor and track your overall app stability and performance in one place

Our new dashboard update brings a new and improved navigation sidebar that offers easier access to all your app's stability and performance data.

Additionally, this update introduces a new page that gives you a quick overview of your app's stability and performance. The "App Overview" page acts as a homepage for your app and displays some of your app's key metrics and their rate of change across Bug Reporting, Crash Reporting, and App Performance Monitoring.

Instabug App Overview page

Currently, you can filter your app overview page by time and app version so you can view your app's performance over a specific time and/or view the performance of your latest or most adopted releases at a glance.

We are also already working on further updates and enhancements to the app overview page and would love to hear your feedback and what additions or improvements you would like to see added there. Just drop us a message on Intercom from the chat bubble on your dashboard.

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