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Introducing Single Sign-On (SSO) for Enterprise Users

Let your team log in more securely and conveniently with SSO

Now you can use your SSO identity provider to manage your team’s access and authentication securely. Instabug’s SSO supports both SAML 2.0 and OAuth 2.0 and integrates with Okta, OneLogin, Google Cloud Identity, and Auth0.

You can set up and configure SSO for your company from your account management page on the Instabug dashboard.

Instabug dashboard: SSO configuration page

After you select your SSO configuration type, you will be asked to enter your identity provider configuration details and you’re set.

Once you enable SSO for your company, your team members will not be able to log in with an email and password by default. They can log in with SSO using their emails by following the Login via SSO link at the bottom of the log in form.

Instabug login page

You can also add new team members directly from your identity provider.

With the addition of support for SAML and OAuth SSO solutions, Instabug strengthens its suite of enterprise features. Our enterprise plans also offer on-premise and dedicated hosting options, SDK and UI customization, account management and priority support, custom integrations, API access, flexible usage limits, and more.

Instabug empowers mobile teams to accelerate their workflows and release with confidence through Real-Time Contextual Insights across the entire app lifecycle.

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