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Introducing Hot App Launches, Payload Size, and Network Trace Attributes

Get a better view of your app's performance and debug issues quickly

This update to APM for iOS and Android will help you gain a more holistic view of your app's performance with the release of hot app launches, and adds a new pattern for the payload size of network requests to help you identify issues at a glance. In addition, you now can also set up custom network trace attributes so you can gain a better context about their performance.

Hot app launches

Instabug will now monitor how long your app takes to become responsive when launched from background to foreground. Hot app launches are enabled by default starting from version 10.8.0 on iOS and Android. To disable hot app launches, follow the steps mentioned here for iOS and here for Android in our docs.

Hot App Launches

Payload size

The request and response payload size will now be captured automatically by the SDK and you can now use them to filter your results by payload size in the trends and patterns section of the network request's page. This lets you see slow requests in the context of their payload size and helps you identify problematic requests quickly and accurately.

Payload size

Network trace attributes

You can now add custom attributes to network traces to give you even more context about their performance. To add custom attributes to your network traces, follow the steps in our docs, mentioned here for iOS and here for Android.

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