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Introducing Flutter Crash Reporting

The most accurate and comprehensive crash reports, now on Flutter

Flutter keeps gaining in popularity with every passing day and we've been working hard to bring all of our features to the Flutter mobile developer community. With the release of Flutter Crash Reporting, Instabug's Flutter SDK brings all of our products to the platform in order to help you build better Flutter apps, faster.

Now, when you access your Flutter app's Instabug dashboard, you will find the Crash Reporting icon on the sidebar navigation menu; click on it to see your crash reports.

Flutter Crash Reporting

With every crash report you receive, Instabug attaches comprehensive contextual details about the device, the state of your app, and the actions of your users. This makes pinpointing the exact cause of the issue and fixing it a quick and simple process.

Flutter Crash Reporting includes all the Crash Reporting features offered on other platforms, including console logs, Instabug logs, network logs, user events, repro steps, session profiler, and more.

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