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Introducing a Revamped Alerts & Rules Engine With New Triggers and Conditions

Instabug dashboard product update

Stay on top of performance issues and manage alerts and rules with ease

Instabug’s new and improved alerts and rules engine delivers a better experience and new features to help you keep track of your app’s most important stability and performance issues, and manage the alerts and rules you create with ease.

New alerts and rules page

Alerts and rules list

The alerts and rules list now displays a card for each entry with a summary of the alert’s triggers, conditions, and actions. The card also displays an overview of the alert’s performance, history, and assigned team.

Selecting a card’s actions button allows you to edit, duplicate, or delete an alert, and the activity button allows you to view the rule’s activity log.

Screenshot of new alerts and rules list showing alert summary card

Activity Log

The activity log displays an alert’s edit history to help you keep track of any changes made to your alerts and rules by your team.

Screenshot of activity log showing creation and edit history

Alert ownership

You can now assign an alert to one of your teams when creating or editing a rule or alert to help your teams find and manage the alerts most relevant to them.

Screenshot of alert creation page with assigned team drop-down visible

New triggers and conditions

Latest and top releases

Keeping track of stability and performance issues on your latest and most adopted releases is imperative, but creating a new alert every time you release a new app version can be tedious. Now, when adding an app version condition you can select the latest or top releases to automatically monitor your latest release or your most adopted releases in the past 48 hours.

screenshot of app version dropdown menu showing latest release and top releases option

Velocity alerts for crashes

Velocity alerts help you catch crashes that are gaining steam and gathering a lot of occurrences in a short time. When you create or edit an alert for crashes, you can add a trigger for crashes that affect more than one percent of any app version’s sessions within 24 hours.

Screenshot of alert creation page with a trigger added for crashes that occur on 1% of an app version's sessions within 24 hours

Apdex change rate

Sudden changes in your app’s apdex are important to investigate and understand. When you create an alert for the overall app apdex or any other APM metric, you can select a specified apdex change rate and time period as a trigger.

Screenshot of Apdex change rate trigger

Alert timeouts

Getting alerted on stability and performance issues is important, but too many alerts can create noise and make it easy to overlook the most important issues. Now, when you create an alert, you can set a timeout period for the notification to help you focus on the big picture.

Alert timeouts are currently only available for Slack notifications, but we are working on adding more channels soon.

Screenshot of alert timeouts


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