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Instabug's Summer Internship 2021

Summer internship

We are back again this year with Instabug’s COVID-friendly summer internship program. After the success of last year’s program, we can not wait to have you all on board and share in a unique experience.

What happened last year?

Last year we doubled our numbers by hiring 13 interns. This was at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and led to a different-looking internship program. Instabug is uniquely suited to operate completely remotely and this led to a very successful program. Out of the 13 interns that joined us last year, 6 joined the BugSquad full-time and we are waiting for the rest of the interns that passed the internship to join us after they are done with university.

"If the opportunity doesn't knock, build a door"

The world is still getting used to the new normal, and the market is still facing troubles due to the pandemic and opportunities like internships are scarce. Instabug remains committed to giving as many opportunities to the fresh minds looking to kick start their careers. For the 6th year in a row, we are opening our doors for the internship program and committed to the same principle as last year. For this year’s program, we will be hiring 13 interns across different teams in the company. And who knows you might be our upcoming full-timer like our previous interns.

I am really grateful for such an experience. I've learned a lot since joining Instabug, made new friends, and the responsibility given was a great motive for a very positive impact on the work at hand.
-Khaled Elganzory, Product Specialist

What are we offering this year?

This year’s summer internship program will be 2 months and is going to be fully remote due to the current conditions. The team has been working from home for the past year and everything from the interview process to the actual internship will be conducted remotely. This ensures that we abide by the safety guidelines put in place to help us keep everyone safe.

While this might seem like an issue for others, Instabug is in the unique position of being able to perform all its functions while working from home and having all the necessary tools and technologies that will make it easy for our leadership team to communicate with and coach our new interns.

In this internship, you are going to be working on real-time projects and you will witness your input when we ship out the actual product. And your performance might enable you to get a full-time job after the internship is done.

Instabug internship hiring process

Along with the internship announcement, the applications will open on April 25th, 2021. The deadline for applications is May 8th, 2021. Make sure that you submit your application before the deadline as no applications will be accepted late.

After applying, the first phase of the internship process will be a technical challenge sent to the applicants on May 23rd, 2021.

If you pass the technical challenge, the second phase is the interviews with both the PeopleOps & the technical interview with the team you are applying to.

If you hopefully pass all the steps, the internship starts on July 1st. And it runs for two months ending at the end of August.

List of available internship positions and their teams

Android intern:
Backend intern:
Cross-platform Mobile intern:
Frontend intern:
Infrastructure intern:
iOS intern:
Quality Control intern:
Squad Manager intern:
Product Manager intern:

At Instabug we believe, we always grow by facing the toughest challenges, and it's our mission to enable the future of this industry especially during these uncertain times for them.

If you think you have what it takes to join our interns class of 2021 and for future updates, stay tuned to our Blog and our social media platforms on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram nad Twitter

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