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Instabug Welcomes Daniel Day as VP of Marketing

We are delighted to welcome Daniel Day to Instabug as our new VP of Marketing.

Daniel most recently served as Head of Marketing at Monte Carlo, where he built and scaled their marketing team over the past 3 years. Before Monte Carlo, Daniel led the marketing efforts at Rollbar where he gained a deep understanding of our industry that helped him recognize how Instabug differentiates itself in the marketplace with its strong focus on mobile. He brings more than a decade of experience in marketing, including time at Snowflake and Scale AI.

As Daniel onboards into the team, one of his key priorities will be scaling the marketing team to meet the needs of the growing business. We’re hiring for the role of Director of Demand Generation to join us in this transformative time in our company’s growth.

“I'm excited to join Instabug at this pivotal time for mobile app development and I'm eager to lead our marketing efforts to highlight how Instabug empowers mobile application teams to create exceptional mobile experiences and drive the next generation of app innovation.” —Daniel Day

As the mobile industry continues to thrive, our dedication to empowering mobile teams to achieve excellence remains unwavering. Instabug proudly supports the world's leading mobile teams throughout the mobile app lifecycle.

Our focus remains on delivering value to our customers and enabling more mobile teams to repeatably ship world-class experiences for their customers. 

Our recent Winter Launch brought mobile teams actionable feedback from user surveys, confidence in their feature rollouts, automated app store rollouts, and much more. 

With the Summer launch at the doorsteps, Daniel joins us at a pivotal time and we're excited to share this journey together.

Welcome to the team, Daniel! We look forward to an exciting future!

Instabug empowers mobile teams to maintain industry-leading apps with mobile-focused, user-centric stability and performance monitoring.

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