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Introducing In-App Surveys, Bug Comment Translation, and Latest Features

Instabug In-App Surveys Screen Recording

We're super excited to share the latest features we've been working on over the past month -- from customized user surveys, bug comment translation, revamped logs, and better crash experience.

Make sure to head over to your dashboard to update the SDK and try the new features and enhancements yourself. You're in for a treat!

We consider this a MAJOR RELEASE of the SDK that includes some exciting new features aiming to help you build and ship better apps. Our team (the #BugSquad) has been working tirelessly to enhance the SDK and empower you with better features. Our biggest addition is the custom surveys that you can push to your users to ask for feedback without waiting for them to reach out. We also added on to the bug reporting feature by enhancing how you report and record bugs.

You can now also translate bugs in any language with a click of a button. In addition to this, we redesigned the crashes page and added many enhancements to take it to the next level. As for the logs, you can now view them all in one place, with a newly introduced "User Events" feature to track the events you need.

Expect many other updates coming your way over the following months!

User Surveys

Instabug latest features

Instead of waiting for users to contact you, reach out to them proactively and ask them for their feedback. This will help you make informed decisions about prioritizing your product roadmap. You can target users based on various criteria including app version, the date they started using the app, as well as custom user attributes and events.

Zoom, Blur, and Draw

Instabug latest features

We’ve completely redesigned our screenshot annotation experience when reporting bugs and sending feedback. Your users can now move and resize the annotations they draw, blur sensitive data, and magnify parts of the screenshot. We’ll also recognize the shapes they draw, and automatically turn them into circles, rectangles, or arrows.

Enhanced Screen Recording

Instabug latest features

We enhanced the screen recording experience with an intuitive UI to help your users send complete bug reports. With the video attached, users will be able to add a voice recording to annotate it and report weird animation bugs. This will enable you to see exactly what was going on in the app at the time of the bug occurrence.

Automatically Translate Bugs

Instabug latest features

No more lost-in-translation moments. Whenever you get a bug in a language you don’t understand, just click on the translate button et voilà. We will detect reported bugs in other languages and enable you to translate them the moment you want to.This applies to all languages with no discrimination. #NoBan #NoWall

Revamped Crash Experience

Instabug latest features

If the same crash happens across two different app versions, we will automatically group them together to make it easier for you to understand how the crashes occurred.The new Crashes page also got a face lift -- now you'll be able to see the percentage of crashes in relation to sessions of your app.

Show Logs in One View

Instabug latest features

All logs collected by the SDK are now aggregated into one view for easier processing. You'll be able to see a timeline that includes everything that happened in your app, including console logs, Instabug logs, user steps, network requests, and the newly introduced user events, which allow you track events performed by your users throughout the application. The aggregated logs view can be searched and filtered by time and log types.

Head over to your dashboard and try the new features, or create a new account (it’s free!).

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