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Bringing The Team Virtually Together!

Virtual connection has become the new norm to get our team connected, and since now at Instabug, our team is between Egypt and the USA. We were challenged to keep the team together, know more about each other, and stay in contact.

We’ve done some activities like: game nights, cooking competitions, virtual yoga, and over the past year, the team showed some unique skills and talents.

Our team expansion during the past months in Egypt and the USA, left us a bigger challenge, as the team was growing but didn’t get the chance to meet each other. So after a productive and fruitful first half to 2021, we broke the routine and decided to do something fun.

A day of virtual fun and excitement was in store at ‘The Instabug Games’ where teams competed against each other in a knockout style tournament. Divided into 5 rounds, as teams qualified for the next rounds, eventually, one would be crowned a winner!

However, no Instabug event is complete without a new set of swag. Each team member was sent a goodie box full of game-day-related items.

It was so much fun getting to play (and compete) with the team especially since I haven't met a lot of them yet! Thank you for putting it together.
-Farida Soliman, Associate Product Manager

The games on offer were:

Round 1

Word search (Instabug themed)

Give it a try yourself, and see if you can find all the answers.

There is at least 20 Instabug slang, if you are an Instabug fan, send your answers over Instagram.

Round 2

Tech industry logo quiz

Try and test yourself before sneaking below for the answers!

In the previous 2 rounds, the heat was up and a lot of controversies were brewing. As our team members requested the famous VAR feature that's used in football games, since they were fighting over each point they couldn’t get. Some of them even requested compensation for the controversial results.

Round 3

Snakes and ladders

A classic game with a virtual setting. Teams battled the board and the frustration of falling down the ladder again until a winner was crowned.

Round 4

Match the fact to a colleague

Well! This round showed that the team is seriously expanding, as each team chooses random facts about them and tells them to the other team. The other team’s goal is to figure out which fact belongs to which team member on the other team. From how teams were scoring zeroes against each other, we could tell that we indeed needed this game day to get to know more about each other.

Final round !!

Aliens have landed

After a lot of frustrations and a high competition level, we reached the final round, we had the top 2 teams. Where each team has 5 Instabug related words. The goal for each team was to use their acting skills, signs, or symbols, to communicate the word to the other team. Lucky for the top 2 teams, each of them had a designer who made it a bit easier, yet more skillful to convey the word.

Our winning team seemed to have a solid strategy along the way in the tournament, they planned it well, till they claimed the trophy. Watch out for them guys, as they are the defending champion for the next competition and they won’t go easy on anyone.

I had tons of fun at Instabug game day! The best part was meeting people from the team who I don't usually get to talk to and making new friends. Also finding my next FIFA victim.
- Quincy Welch, Business Development Executive.

We as the PeopleOperations team were so enthusiastic, that we wanted to play ourselves; but unfortunately, we were the moderators of the day. However, we hyped up the team, felt their frustrations, handled their objections to the scores, and witnessed how competitive our team is and how much fun drama took place.

This event gave us the perfect opportunity to break the work routine and embrace one of our core values  ‘’Work hard, play hard’’. As hard as the team works and meets the deliverables. As much as they need to have fun, play around and break the ice.  Many team members got to engage with each other for the first time, and many felt as connected and close as if they were working in the office. The competitive spirit of the team was also on show and delivered some great drama.

It is always crucial to have a productive team, but it is never any less important to create an engaging, fun culture where team members can both develop themselves in terms of their careers and still enjoy their time.

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