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Boosting App Development ROI with Instabug

No business decision is taken without first determining its projected return on investment (ROI). In an industry where time is money, developers need to leverage every tool at their disposal to maximize efficiency and productivity. That's where Instabug comes in.

This post will discuss how Instabug's ROI calculator can help businesses and app developers evaluate the potential benefits of using Instabug's built-for-mobile stability and performance platform. We'll delve into how the calculator determines ROI, how it can aid in decision-making, and how it can project potential revenue growth and developer productivity.

Who Should Use the Instabug ROI Calculator?

The Instabug ROI calculator is designed primarily for businesses and app developers. It's also useful for anyone involved in app development, product management, or decision-making roles to understand the revenue impact of using Instabug to monitor and improve their app experience.

How Does the Calculator Determine ROI?

The ROI calculator uses industry benchmarks and internal data related to the costs of app development, poor app performance, and fixing app issues and combines them with the data you provide about your app to calculate the projected savings.

To provide a conservative estimate, the calculator only looks at cost savings and churn prevention but does not take into account industry benchmarks for the increase in revenue associated with improved app performance.

The factors used in the calculation include:

  • The number and average hourly rate of your app’s developers.
  • The average rate of bugs and crashes introduced with every app release.
  • The average reduction of time and effort needed to fix issues provided by Instabug.
  • Your app’s monthly active users (MAU) and average revenue per user (ARPU).
  • Average user churn rate due to stability and performance issues.

Instabug enables mobile teams to identify and address issues quickly with unparalleled visibility over app stability and performance, enabling them to deliver exceptional app experience, increased user satisfaction, and higher revenue.

Additionally, Instabug's comprehensive debugging data, extensive workflow automation, and powerful alerting engine provide enhanced team productivity and significantly reduce the time spent on issue identification, triage, reproduction, troubleshooting, and communication with users.

“Before Instabug, we didn’t have a workflow. With a single centralized location for app data, our developers could now quickly assess which situations needed their attention most urgently and strategize best solutions faster."
Maxime Harter—Engineering Manager, Decathlon Outdoor

Why App Performance Matters

Study after study has shown that mobile app users have unforgiving expectations when it comes to stability and performance. They will not accept crashes or slow load times, and will not hesitate to take action by uninstalling the app and actively discouraging others from using it through reviews and word of mouth. On the other hand, they are quick to reward apps that meet their expectations with increased spend, loyalty, and evangelism.

Delighting your users with an exceptional app experience allows you to outperform your competition and leads to increased user satisfaction, positive app store ratings and reviews, higher app store rankings, and enhanced brand reputation.

All of these factors translate to more app users and higher average revenue per user, giving a long-term boost to your bottom line.

Instabug empowers mobile teams to maintain industry-leading apps with mobile-focused, user-centric stability and performance monitoring.

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