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Boost Your Mobile App's Performance With Instabug APM

Instabug's App Performance Monitoring (APM) is a new tool that empowers mobile teams to track and optimize their app's speed, stability, and scalability.

Why we built it

Poor app performance directly affects users' satisfaction and experience, and this negatively impacts key business metrics like downloads, usage, retention, and revenue.

Over the years, working with thousands of mobile teams, we kept hearing the same pain points over and over again. Developers didn't have enough visibility into their app's performance and what they were monitoring only showed part of the picture, so they'd get blindsided by unexpected user issues.

Real-time crash reports and user feedback are crucial, but mobile engineering teams wanted to know more. Was their app dropping frames? Which tasks were taking too long to complete? What did the user mean when they said: "this screen is slow"?

We quickly realized that there was a yawning gap in the market. Our platform was missing more granular performance monitoring and existing performance monitoring tools weren't optimized for mobile apps.

So we built what was missing.

Instabug APM benefits

Instabug App Performance Monitoring is built to help mobile teams:

  • Align around a single metric that represents your app's quality
  • Proactively discover issues that affect your users when your app runs in the wild
  • Decipher vague customer complaints around app speed, loading, and bugs
  • Efficiently balance between performance improvements and feature development

Instabug APM features

With Instabug App Performance Monitoring, you can measure your app quality as perceived by your users and get ahead of performance issues you weren’t aware of:

  • Rendering issues and UI hangs: Understand where your app's UI is unresponsive per screen
  • Network performance and timeouts: Track the full round trip of your network requests as seen on the client side including timeouts and network failures
  • Slow app launches: Trace app launch performance and determine whether it's app or OS related
  • Profiling custom flows in your app: Define crucial flows in your app and track performance changes over time

Learn more about how it works:

How we built it

We're so excited for you to try our new APM solution, especially because we co-developed it with some of our top users, and even non-customers who are leaders in their categories. User feedback is and has always been super important to us, and we couldn't have built what we did without it. Throughout every stage of our APM development journey, we consulted with various mobile teams — from indie developers to top 10 app store apps — to continuously refine our mobile APM tool, and the feedback has been great so far!

  • During discovery and also development, we interviewed customers and non-users, a representative mix of company sizes and app categories
  • We asked about mobile team dynamics, what metrics they measure, why performance is important to them, and their high-level pain points
  • During concept validation, we asked them to stack rank lists of problems, solutions, and jobs to be done that were important to them, narrowing to a core set of table stakes features vs. nice to haves, and digging deeper to discover more granular needs
  • We tested and reviewed our launch version with customers to make sure we're shipping exactly what you need

Learn more:

Instabug empowers mobile teams to maintain industry-leading apps with mobile-focused, user-centric stability and performance monitoring.

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