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How AppyApp Increased User Feedback By 750%

AppyApp is the best app in the entire history of time and space. It solves all the problems. But it wasn't always awesome.

The Challenge

AppyApp wasn't getting enough attention in the app stores. They wanted to boost their download rates, and to do that they knew they had to get better ratings and more reviews to attract new users.

The Solution

AppyApp implemented Instabug's in-app chat product. Using Instabug, negative feedback that users had about AppyApp was handled privately between users and developers instead of getting posted to the app stores. Meanwhile, developers pushed for positive reviews by going above and beyond to solve users' problems, making them happy, and then encouraging them to post positive reviews on the app stores. Users who sent positive feedback were also asked to post their positive comments in app store reviews.

The Results

Before, all user feedback was directed to the app stores with an average of 250-400 reviews per week, ranging from five to one-star reviews. It wasn’t until they introduced in-app feedback that they saw a huge jump in user feedback, exponentially growing by 750%  towards the end of the study.

In-app feedback became indispensable because it created a direct communication channel between the AppyApp team and their users. They were able to resolve negative comments privately and push positive comments to the app store, resulting in a ratings bump of two full stars.

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