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APM Updates: Performance Alerting and Screen Loading

Introducing performance alerting and a new screen loading metric

We're releasing some highly-anticipated new features for app performance monitoring! Proactive app quality management is now here with Alerting: you'll know about performance issues as soon as they arise. We've also created a new page for tracking screen loading metrics, making it easier for you to monitor and optimize each screen within your app. Read on for more details about what's new.

Performance Alerting

When new code or network failures cause sudden drops in performance, you want to know immediately so you can squash the problem before losing users. Time is critical when app quality issues show up. That’s why we’re excited to announce that Alerting has arrived for iOS and Android.

Performance regressions can happen with any update, and you can never fully predict where they’ll show up. With Alerting, you won’t have to manually check your traces for surprises. You can create alerts for specific triggers and then get notifications on Slack when performance dips below your set threshold.

Our latest update supports Alerts for overall app performance (Apdex) and network slowdowns or failures. You can create alerting rules for specific app versions and conditions and set your own time intervals and performance thresholds. Integrate with Slack to receive alerts as soon as issues are detected.

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You can now create alerts for Apdex and network performance issues and receive them on Slack.

Screen Loading

As a mobile developer, you want complete visibility into the performance of your app at all stages including launch, loading times, and screen transitions. Instabug APM already supports app launch and UI hang monitoring, and now we’ve added a new metric to the kit: screen loading.

Screen loading times measure the time it takes for content to load on the user’s screen and capture any screen transition delays. For both Android and iOS, you’ll be able to view the time it takes for any screen and its content to load.

If you need to custom define your screen loading times, you can use an API to extend the screen loading duration to include any additional content or functions for the end-user. You can find more information on that in our docs for Android and iOS.

You’ll find the new Screen Loading page on your APM navbar and APM homepage. You can click on any item in the list to view more details about it, including Apdex scores and a breakdown of loading stages.

Your Screen Loading page gives you a performance overview of the screens within your app.

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