Scaling Your Workflow with Jira One Pager

Are You Just Finding or Fixing Bugs?

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Integrate Instabug and Jira to Make the Most of Automation

With the constant flow of issues coming down the line to developers, automation of tasks within the workflow can save crucial resources while you scale your app. Instabug and Jira integrate seamlessly within your existing workflows to give your developers the ability to prioritize issues and communicate directly, resolving performance problems that much faster. Learn how Instabug and Jira can help your team

  • Get faster feedback from app users and within teams
  • Automate the slow manual processes that are using up valuable time
  • Focus on fixing the issue, instead of wasting energy finding it

Get ready to refocus on crash and bug fixes using Instabug’s Jira integrations. Download the one pager to read more!