What You're Missing with Firebase Crashlytics Webinar

Why 'free' may be costing you

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About this video

While free mobile application monitoring may cost nothing upfront, it can cost you customers and revenue. Instabug boosts mobile app team capabilities with performance reports that reveal the insights necessary to detect efficiently, repair, and improve performance issues. See why you need to go beyond the basics of Firebase in this video.

You’ll learn how to: 

  • Monitor your user's overall health and quality beyond just crash-free sessions
  • Centralize and track your application's performance through Apdex score
  • Prioritize issues and crashes by utilizing team and code ownership for better noise management 
  • Examine crashes Firebase fails to capture including fatal crashes, ANR’s, user termination, and non-fatal crashes
  • Utilize occurrences, repro steps, and console logs to quickly identify the root cause of an issue and efficiently resolve




Quincy Welch

Business Development