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Understand User Behavior With 2022’s Top Mobile Analytics Tools

Being a mobile product manager is a little like being a detective. You’ve got to use the tools you have at your disposal to uncover clues about who your app users are and why they do what they do. You’ll have to make inferences from quantitative and qualitative data sets, often incomplete. Some of your best clues about user behavior come from mobile app analytics tools.

Analytics suites come with all sorts of different functions, but all with the intent to help you capture and collect data about user behavior. They'll help you get a better understanding of what your users are doing and what you should do about it. We even have an in-depth guide to all you can do with mobile app analytics. Let’s check out some of the best mobile app analytics tools on the market right now.

Mobile-first analytics tools


Flurry is a mobile analytics toolbox jammed with features. Its mission is to help you decrypt user behavior step by step. Flurry accomplishes this by recording all kinds of data related to user behavior, including event logging, user segmentation, funnel analysis, and demographics. Basically, Flurry gives you the data you need to identify what’s going on at any point in the user journey.

Pricing: Free


Upland Localytics wants to help you drive engagement and revenue with the power of analytics. It breaks down what users do in your app and gives you reports on engagement, user flows, behavior summaries and predictions, segments, usage patterns and more. You can also use Localytics to perform marketing interactions with your users.

Pricing: Custom


UXCam pulls double duty as an analytics kit that also gives you the power of screen recording. You’ll be able to see exactly what happened in each session to pinpoint where exactly things went right (or wrong). It also uses machine learning to identify patterns in user behaviors and point them out to you. Segme0

ntation and funnel analysis are also included in its features.

Pricing: Free to start


Smartlook pairs quantitative data with screen recordings in order to give you more context about your app user experience. Its session replay software records app interactions and can create funnels based on interactions. You can also filter recordings based on custom events, or even identify sessions containing rage clicks.

Pricing: Free up to 5,000 monthly sessions.


Adjust gives you insight into user behaviors and it all starts with its custom event tracking. You can even customize your events to a number of different conversion goals. You can break down data to view KPIs for specific cohorts and calculate their lifetime value. Adjust also focuses on ad attribution and cost and revenue reporting, and will calculate revenues for any segmentation level.

Pricing: Custom


The Countly SDK automatically tracks a number of quantitative metrics for your app sessions and shares them in real time. You can create custom events and track individual user segments. Each user has a profile with information about their purchases, last logins, session behavior and more. You’ll also be able to schedule and send push notifications straight to your users.

Pricing: Free

Other analytics tools

Heap Analytics

Heap is a multi-purpose analytics tool that can be used by many roles on your team, not just the ones in product. It captures every interaction your users have with your app and reports it all to you. Heap helps you understand what your users are doing and how they use your app. If you have a website as well, Heap aggregates user visits across platforms so you can get the full picture.

Pricing: Starts for free with limited data


The Mixpanel SDK is a champ when it comes to collecting data and making user behavior make sense. It’s got custom segmentation, cohort analysis, and data visualization. Mixpanel makes it easy to see who’s doing what and makes it easier for you to guess why. You’ll get detailed breakdowns of user journeys and see how segments differ. It also allows you to run experiments and send targeted messages to your audience.

Pricing: Free up to 1000 monthly tracked users


Feedier is a feedback management platform that lets you collect and analyze qualitative feedback and user behavior with engaging and gamified forms that the participants will love. Be a leader, turn feedback into growth leverage by making data-driven decisions to improve your customers' daily life.

Pricing: Free trial, pro starts at $180/month

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