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User Feedback


The Qualitative Feedback Manual for Building Better Mobile Apps

One of the most important steps in the mobile app development process is gathering qualitative user feedback. It’s an ongoing task that’ll stay with you through all stages of your app’s development. And it can be challenging, but it comes with a huge payoff.

Getting in touch with the customer’s point of view is crucial to building an app with happy users. And for product owners and designers, gaining that empathy is essential to your success. Once you’ve heard enough opinions, you’ll need to use them to make informed decisions about your product.

But how do you collect qualitative feedback efficiently and effectively?
How do you ask the right survey questions?
How do you make quantitative sense out of words and opinions?

If you have questions about this process, don’t worry. We’ve prepared a detailed manual covering how to handle your qualitative feedback process from beginning to end.

In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • Which sources of feedback are best for building mobile apps
  • How to collect feedback efficiently
  • How you can optimize your process with a feedback tool
  • How to design effective surveys
  • How to ask actionable feedback questions
  • How to analyze qualitative feedback
  • How to make data-driven roadmap decisions

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