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Nested Report Categories

More clarity for your users and less manual work for you

This is the solution to your pile of unsorted reports. With Nested Report Categories, your customers can specify exactly what their feedback is about in just a couple of taps. This results in faster and easier triaging for you -- your reports get categorized before they're even sent, so you don't have to later.

An example of what Instabug’s Nested Report Categories look like for app users.

Take it a step further and set up rules to automatically forward specific categories to relevant Slack channels, Jira boards, or team members.

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You can even send automated replies to certain situations, reassuring your customers immediately and saving your team time. Replying to users is available from Instabug's Team plan.

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Head to Settings > Report Categories in your dashboard to get started. Fill in your custom subcategories and add more levels as you see fit. When you're ready, hit Publish, and that's it! Your Nested Report Categories will appear to all of your app users within 24 hours, or immediately in a freshly installed app.

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