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Product Updates


Introducing a More Generous and Powerful Free Plan

Instabug free application performance monitoring

Access all of Instabug's products and features for free

We are extremely excited to announce that we are introducing a lot of capabilities to our free plan to provide indie developers and bootstrapped startups with the tools to gain observability over their app performance and deliver five-star apps.

Access all of Instabug's products and features for free

The free plan now offers access to the full set of Instabug’s features across Bug Reporting, Crash Reporting, and App Performance Monitoring for unlimited apps, two team members, and 15K monthly sessions.

Bug Reporting

Receive unlimited bug reports from your users, along with annotated screenshots, full device and environment details, advanced logs, repro steps, session profiles, and more.

Crash Reporting

Detect all types of crashes and errors in your app, including network and C++/NDK crashes, OOM/ANR errors, app hangs, and SwiftUI exceptions. With each report, you will receive a stack trace for each version the crash has occurred on, in addition to all the details included in bug reports so you can easily identify and fix the issue.

App Performance Monitoring

Understand your app's user experience as perceived by your users with mobile-first, client-side App Performance Monitoring. Monitor your app's overall experience with the app Apdex and zoom in on the performance of your app's hot and cold launches, UI, screen loading, network, execution traces, and more.

Instabug’s suite of APM, Crash Reporting, and Bug Reporting tools equip you to optimize your app’s performance and deliver the high-quality experience your users expect and deserve.

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Product Updates

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