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Interning at Instabug

It is time for Instabug’s summer internship program to kick off again!

After the continued success of last years’ programs, we are super excited to have new and amazing talents joining us this year and collaborating with the BugSquad where both get to share their unique experiences.

The 1st internship after graduation can really open a lot of doors for you!

Your first internship is nothing short of a bundle of opportunities that gives you lots of insight into your likes and dislikes. It helps pave the road for your career life and surface your hidden talents, setting you up to acquire new ones.

I was part of the COVID graduating class; fresh out of university and uncertain about which path to follow. What is out there for me? Where do I want to venture off to? Which company would be the right fit for me? The typical confusion which I’m sure you all felt at some point in your life. Even in the middle of all my sports and tournaments, I had this constant nagging question in the back of my mind: ‘’where do you want to work?’’

What it's like interning at Instabug

Sure, while I was still a student at university I had a few internships but while I did learn from them, I was left with the feeling that this is not what I want to do. Fast forward a few years and I graduated and started as an intern at Instabug. I know this will sound like a cliché, but things just fell into place. Of course, in the beginning, I wasn’t sure how much responsibility I will actually be given and I was wondering if I am going to be handed actual projects or just grunt work.

But throughout my internship, I was handed actual projects from the very start; I was never on the sidelines. Without realizing it, Instabug's values started to build in me. What I worked on had an outcome. The effort I put into my work translated into actual changes, which gave me a pretty high sense of ownership and involvement. This is when I realized that at Instabug, ‘’commitment as a founder’’ is more than just words from a motivational poster; it’s the real thing. It just feels awesome to be involved, have the room to be creative, and come up with initiatives that are welcomed.

"This internship was one of the best I had, I learned a lot of different technical and soft skills. It enhanced my view of the career I want to continue in."
— Yara Hisham, Squad Manager

I was an intern at Instabug and now I am one of the BugSquad and I'm celebrating my one-year anniversary. I am constantly on my toes, striving to do better and widening my experience.

  • I'm learning✅
  • I'm being challenged ✅
  • Still going strong ✅
  • Sharing my experience ✅

Hurry up and apply now!

Instabug's internship hiring process

Applications will open on May 8th, 2022 and the deadline for applications is May 18th, 2022. Make sure that you submit your application before the deadline as no applications will be accepted after that date.

After applying, the first phase of the internship process will be a technical challenge that will be sent out on May 24th, 2022.

Once you pass the technical challenge, the second phase consists of interviews with both the PeopleOps and a technical interview with the team you are applying to.

After passing the second phase, the internship will start on July 3rd, 2022 and it runs for two months ending at the end of August.

List of available internship positions

"It has been amazing! My soft skills have incredibly improved, and the agile process that I learned will definitely help me stay organized while developing features and solving bugs."
— Ahmed Amin, Backend Developer

Instabug's internship program offers a unique experience where learning, developing, and working in a friendly environment are guaranteed.

Apply now and grow with us!

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